Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 22


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank each one of you who comment, read and support my fanfiction it means a lot.

So let’s start?

In Yamini’s room

Yamini: That boy he is betraying me. I have no other choice but to kill him. I have stepped inside this house, because of him and I don’t needhim anymore. He is useless now. And he is slowly starting to fall for that kallinaagin. Well karan tomorrow is your last day on earth.
Then yamini started laughing.

In the morning

Adaa’s room
Both karan and adaa woke up
Adaa. I’m sorry. Muhje nahi pata kya hoa.
Karan: you don’t remember anything.
Adaa: No
Karan started to tell her everything. And adaa started laughing. But she stopped when karan told her that he is cute.
Adaa: Did I say to you that you are cute.
Karan nodded.
Adaa: Well I was drunk and in this condition people talk nonsense.
Karan: So you are always drunk.
Adaa and karan started arguing.

Then adaa left from there she was passing yamini’s room and heard something
Yamini: His name is karan. He is going for job and your mission is to kill him. Stop him at a road and stab him. Or no it must look like an accident. Break his car engine. Do whatever you want but I want him dead.
Adaa was shocked.
She went back to her room
Adaa: You can’t go to job, today
Karan: why
Adaa: Because I said so. It is not safe.
Karan didn’t listen and left from the room.

In shivanya’s room
Shivanya wanted a glass of water so she stood up. She was walking but then someone carried her.
Shivanya: Ritik stop I can walk by myself.
Ritik: I told you not to stand up. Your in 4th month (guys I am taking this pregnancy track a bit fast)
Ritik gave shivanya water and made her sit.
Shivanya: We haven’t found any names. Okay if a girl then Nora
Ritik: If a boy then Arjun.
Shivanya started to talk and yamini in mind.
Yamini in mind: Only 6 months left I have to kill her baby. It will be an miscarriage.

In adaa’s room
Adaa: He won’t listen I have to do something. Then adaa took her naagin avatar and left from there.

In yamini’s room
Yamini: How am I supposed to kill shivanya’s baby. It needs to be miscarriage. I have an better idea.
Then yamini saw ritik coming up with a glass of milk.
Yamini in mind: shivanya won’t drink milk given by me but she will drink it from her husbands hand.
Yamini then shouted.
Yamini: ritik, ritik, ritik
Ritik: what is your problem.
Yamini: have you seen karan
Ritik: he is at work.
Then yamini gave ritik an hug.
Ritik: have you gone mad
While yamini was giving ritik a hug, she poured poison in the milk.
Yamini: I thought why no give you a congratulations hug for becoming a daddy.
Ritik: thank you
Ritik left from there and then yamini started laughing.

On the road
Karan was driving and adaa was following him
Then suddenely a truck was to hit karan’s car. He couldn’t stop the car so he jumped out.
Adaa saved him from falling down the cliff and carried him up.
Adaa: Karan wake up. Karan wake up.
Adaa: you can’t leave me wake up.
She started crying
But suddenenly karan woke up
Adaa got really happy and hugged him
Adaa: couldn’t you listen to me I told you not to go to the office.
Karan: How did you know. That this going to happen. Tell me.
Adaa: Your fine and that is important come we will go home
Karan stopped her.
Karan: tell me the truth.
Adaa: I can’t
Karan: why
Adaa: because you won’t believe me.
Karan: just tell me who did this
Adaa shouted yamini.
Karan got angry and slapped her.
Karan: why do you keep blaming her. She is my mom. And she means everything to me.
Karan: can you just for once stop blaming her for everything. I am really thankful because you saved me. But that doesn’t mean you can say anything about her.
Karan left from there.
Adaa: when the truth will come out then you will understand

Precap: everyone are shocked.

I hope you guys liked it. Keep on reading, commenting and supporting Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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