Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 2


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with the second epsiode of naagin ki love story. I will thank everybody who read and commented on my fanfiction, it means a lot. And this time i have made my fanfiction longer. Please keep on supporting ,commenting and reading Naagin Ki Love Story. So let’s start.

NB: I have started adding precap. And i am not good in writing in hindi.

Ritik, shivanya and adaa come home after marriage.
Adaa: Shivanya muhje mandir jana hy. Gurudev ne bhola hai ke aaj punarmashi ki raat hy.
Shivanya: Acha theak hy likne be careful.
Adaa leaves and ritik and shivanya come to their room.
Ritik: Finally that devil has gone (saying in a funny way)
Shivanya and Ritik laugh.
Shivanya is about to go when ritik catches her arm.
Shivanya: Ritik what are you doing.
Ritik: I’m Just romancing with my wife.
Shivanya blushes.
(Guys I am not good in romantic scenes, so I am trying my best)
Ritik takes shivanya in his arms and lays her on the bed.
They start kissing and later consummate their marriage.

Next morning shivanya wakes up and finds ritik beside her. She kisses his cheek and leaves to change. Later ritik wakes up and doesn’t find shivanya but shivanya comes out from the bathroom.
Ritik catches her and they almost kiss but then adaa comes.
Adaa: Shivanya.
Adaa sees them kissing and turns around. Ritik and Shivanya feel embarassed
Adaa: Muhje kuch nahi nasar aya
Shivanya: You can turn around now
Adaa turns around and start laughing because both ritik and shivanya are red like tomatoes.
Ritik: Hahahahahah very funny
Adaa: Sorry sorry
Shivanya: it’s okay.
Adaa is about to leave when shivanya says¨
Shivanya: Adaa tumhe aaj mandir jaana hy
Adaa: why
Adaa: Acha tum dono romance karne ke excuses chiye hy. You both could have just said (saying in a teasing way)
Adaa starts laughing.
Shivanya starts beating her up (like in a fun way)
Later Adaa leaves.
And ritik shivanya start laughing.

Precap: Adaa and Karan to meet

Thanks for reaading. I will upload next episode on friday. Until then keep reading and commenting naagin ki love story.

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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