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Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 19


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank each one of you who comment, read and support my fanfiction. It means a lot.

So let’s start?

The goons come
Goon: well what should we do to you
The goon saw mangulsutar in adaa’s neck.
Goon: so you are married
Goon removed the mangulsutar and threw it
Adaa: How dare you
The goon came really near adaa. But suddenely the goon felt a pat on his shoulder.
Yes the person was none other than Karan
Karan: Don’t you dare touch her.
Karan started beating the goons.
A goon was about to hit him from behind.
Adaa: Karan behind you
Karan beated every goon but got hurt.
He freed adaa.
Adaa hugged him.
Karan saw the mangulsuatar on floor and picked it up.
He made adaa wear it.
Karan: Can’t you be careful. Look what had happened today.
Adaa: Sorry. If they didn’t caught me I would have bited them all and killed them.
Karan saw that adaa was bleeding.
Karan: Your hand is bleeding. Come we will go home.
They reached home.

Karan: We should go really quiet upstairs everyone are sleeping.
They went up and yamini saw this.
Yamini in mind: where have they been. If they get to close, I must make karan hate adaa.

In adaa’s room
Karan took an aid box and started applying bandage to himself.
Karan: Ouch
Adaa helped him
Karan: I don’t need your help.
Adaa didn’t listen and started applying bandage.
Adaa: Thank you for saving me.
Adaa was about to leave but Karan hold her hand.
Karan: Your hand is still bleeding.
Karan made adaa sit and bandaged her hand.

They both were lost in each others eyes.
Yamini who saw this got angry.

Next morning on breakfast table.
Both ritik and shivanya saw bandage on karan’s head and on adaa’s hand.
Shivanya: Adaa what happened to you and karan
Adaa: Nothing and no need to worry. Eat it is important for you.
Yamini: eat papaya.
Yamini in mind: Nobody knows that papaya is not the fruit a person eats in pregnancy. Shivanya say goodbye to your baby.
Karan: Maa have you gone mad. Shivanya di (guys I don’t know what he is supposed to call shivanya) don’t eat the papaya. It is not a fruit which can be eaten in pregnancy. Some people say it can kill the baby. Women avoid this fruit. You shouldn’t eat it. It can be danger for your child.
Shivanya: thank you karan for alerting me.
Shivanya gave an angry look to yamini.

Precap: Yamini to throw a party. Adaa to get drunk and embarrass everyone.

Guys sorry for not adding rivanya romance. But when this pregnancy track will be over you will only see rivanya romance. And there will be rivanya romance in next episode. Keep on reading, commenting and supporting Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

  1. It is nice but it is short

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you. Further episodes will be long.

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      Thank you

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  3. Add rivanya romance. The episode was good

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      Thank you

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  5. Please update it today

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