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Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 18


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story, I will thank each one of you who comment, read and support my fanfiction. It means a lot.

So let’s start?

Karan: Adaa seriously you have gone mad. Now go home.
Karan left ffrom there.
Adaa was walking on road some goons come behind her and attack her.
Adaa: Help. Leave me.

Karan came home
Yamini: Did you get the vegetables.
Karan: Yes
Karan didn’t find adaa and started to get worried.

In a dark storeroom.
Goon: Who would let this beauty go out alone.
Adaa: Leave me. I said. Leave me.
The goon took a knife and gave a cut to adaa’s hand. She started bleeding
Goon: Shut up.

Karan started to get worried and left from home to find adaa.
Adaa saw her phone and dialed karaan’s number.
Karan: hello
Adaa: Karan, it is me adaa. Please help me some goons have caught me.
Karan: Where are you
Adaa: In a storeroom.
Karan: What. Don’t worry I’ll track you down.

At ritik’s house
Yamini saw shivanya coming. And mixed poison in her milk
Yamini: here drink it. You need to be healthy in this condition,
Shivanya: Like I will drink something given by you. You have mixed something in it. Or else you really don’t care. You drink it.
Yamini got tensed.
Yamini: Why will I drink it.
Shivanya took the glass, and poured it in the sink.
Shivanya: there now you and I don’t need to drink poison.
Shivanya left from there
Yamini in mind: She turned out to be more clever then I thought.

Precap: Karan to beat the goons.

Guys please forgive me, it was short, but i promise further episodes are going to be longer. And i will try to add more rivanya romance, but i can’t add so much rivanya romance in the pregnancy track. And since from the start you have seen rivanya romance, you will get to see some adaa&karan romance. And once the pregnancy track is over you will get to see more rivanya romance.

I hope you guys liked it. Keep on reading, supporting and commenting on Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care.

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

  1. Its OK yeah it was very nice please update daily

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you. And I’ll try to write long episodes. Further episodes will be long.

  2. Really nice yeah its OK and please update daily

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you. And I’ll try to write long episodes. Further episodes will be long.

  3. now naagin is telecasting in tamil as naagini in Sun tv and in Sinhala as prema dhadayama (love hunt) in sirasa tv (Sri Lanka)

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thanks for the information. I didn’t know.

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you


    Very nice !

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you

  5. Wow. Add rivanya romance

    1. Naaginfanforever

      Thank you

  6. Please update your episode today

  7. It is very nice please update it daily
    And the upper writer someone else not me I am the actually writer

  8. OK thank you for the information and please update it daily

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