Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 17

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank each one of you who read, comment and support my fanfiction it means a lot.

So let’s start?

Adaa was working in kitchen and found out that there were vegetables that needed to be bought.
Adaa: There are not enough vegetables I need to go and buy some more.
Adaa left from there.
Then yamini came in the kitchen and saw vegetables missing.
Yamini: These guys are so poor that they don’t have vegetables. I will call karan he will buy it.
Yamini on phone: Karan beta can you go and buy some vegetables.
Karan: Okay maa.¨

In ritik’s and shivanya’s room
Shivanya: ritik I want to eat chocolate
Ritik: Shivanya you need to be healthy. So that our kid is healthy.
Shivanya: But ritik
Ritik feeded shivanya some fruits
Ritik kissed shivanya’s tummy.
Ritik: this is a new chapter in our lives
Ritik kissed shivanya and both hugged each other.

In the shop
Both karan and adaa was in the same grocery store.
Both karan and adaa bumped to each other.
Adaa: Can’t you see
Then suddenely adaa found out that it was karan
Adaa: Karan
Karan: You. Are you following me¨
Adaa: I have better things to do then just follow you.

Then sunddenely a girl came to karan.
Girl: Hello, I am Natasha. Do you need help
The girl started to flirt with karan and adaa started burning inside.
Adaa in mind: Why am I feeling jealous. He can do whatever he want to. But…
Then adaa got an idea.
Adaa: You shouldn’t go to every men and start flirt with them.
Girl: excuse me. Who are you to tell me and by the way mind your own business.
Karan found out that adaa was jealous but didn’t say anything
Karan in mind: Looks like someone is jealous. Let’s see what will happen to this girl (Natasha). She messed with the wrong girl.
Adaa: I’ll tell you whom I am. I am adaa and this man wife.
Natasha started felling embarrassed.

Adaa: Now are you going to go by yourself or do I have to throw you out.
Natasha: Just shut up. Understood
Adaa was angry she was about to bite her. But got stopped by karan
Karan: You should go I’m not interested in you.

Then Karan took Adaa to side.
Karan: have you gone mad. You were about to bite her
Adaa: So what. She would have learnt a lesson.
Karan: What lesson
Adaa: To not mess with me.

Precap: Adaa to get kidnapped. Yamini to mix poison in shivanya’s milk.

Guys i hope you like it. Keep on commenting, reading and suppporting Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever


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