Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 16


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode for naagin ki love story. I will thank everyone who read, comment and support my fanfiction. It means a lot.

So let’s start?

In adaa’s room.
Shivanya : adaa
Adaa was silent. Inside she didn’t know what to do.
Adaa: Shivanya i know that i have to agree to you but then you have to agree to me. Let me stay here after marriage with you. Please.
Shivanya nodded and they both hugged.
Shivanya in mind: Please forgive me Adaa. But i had to do this to protect you from Yamini.

At karan’s house
Yamini: Finally my plan is going as planned.

Later at Ritik’s house
Karan and adaa come face to face.
Karan: Don’t think i am doing this becauseI love you. I am doing this for my mom.
Adaa: Like i am doing this for love. I am doing this for my sister.
After some time.
They had done taking the pheras and now was the time to fill in sindoor.
pandit: beta fill in the sindoor.

karan removed adaa’s veil and both had tears in their eyes.
Yamini in mind : this boy is wasting my time. He won’t fill the maang that easily.
Yamini: Karan beta put on sindoor and mangulsutar.
Karan filled in the sindoor and made adaa wear mangulsutar.

Shivanya started feeling dizzy.
Both karan and adaa stood up.
And then suddenly Shivanya fainted and fell down.
Adaa: Shivanya. Someone call the doctor.
Ritik: Shivanya.

Later the doctor checked shivanya.
Doctor: ccongratulation she is pregnant.

Everyone was really happy expect Yamini.
Adaa gave a hug to shivanya.
Adaa: Congratulation, I’m so happy. Ritik take good care of her.If you need anything then tell me.
Shivanya : I want you to go to Karan.
Adaa: Shivanya
Shivanya : you are his wife. He filled your maang with sindoor. Now go.
Adaa left from there.
Adaa came to her room and saw karan looking at her and Shivanya’s picture.
Adaa and Karan didn’t say anything to each other.
Karan: You sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa.
Karan: You’re a naagin. And i have accepted that. But i just wish you didn’t lie to me.
Adaa felt sad

Next morning
Karan woke up but didn’t see adaa in the room. He stood up and was about to go to the bathroom. But saw the door locked.
Karan: Anyone in there.
He kept on knocking and was aboutto hit the door when suddenly adaa opened it.
Adaa: Don’t you have patience.
Karan: Don’t you have a mouth to talk with when somebody ask you a question.
Adaa: This is my room and i can do whatever I want
Karan: You mean our room now.

Then karan saw that adaa was wearing the saree wrong way.

Karan: Is it the first time you are wearing a saree.
Adaa: Yes, why.
Karan started laughing.
Adaa: What’s so funny.
Karan: Look in the mirror.

Then Adaa saw that she was wearing the saree the wrong way.

Adaa: Oh this stupid thing. It is not my fault that stupid youtuber told to do it this way.
Karan: you watched it from youtube. Don’t you know how to wear a saree.
Adaa: No, like you know
Karan: Actually i know.
Adaa wore the saree and finally got it right
Adaa: Now i have worn it right.

The bathroom was slippy and Adaa was walking. She was about to fall but karan catches her. They share an eyelock.
Both came back to their senses and left from there.
Adaa came down and saw shivanya working.
Adaa: Shivanya you are not supposed to work. Go and take rest. And this yamini she can make food for herself. She is living here for free. She will pay her on rent.
Ritik who listened to this started laughing.
Adaa: Ritik take shivanya upstairs.
Yamini in mind: This baby can’t come in the world. I have to do something.

Precap: Rivanya romance, Adaa to get jealous of seeing another girl with Karan

I hope you guys liked it. Keep on reading, supporting and commenting on Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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