Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 14


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story, Sorry guys for the late update. But i couldn’t upload yesterday. I will thank each one of you who commented,read and support my fanfiction it means a lot.

So let’s start?

Ritik, adaa and shivanya come home.
Adaa is about to fall but shivanya catches her.
Shivanya: Adaa you go and take rest.

In Karans house.
Yamini sees blood on karan shirt.
Yamini: Karan where did the blood come from.
Karan: Maa, actually adaa……. He starts telling her everything.
Yamini starts burning inside.
Yamini: I hope she is okay.
Karan: Me too mom.
Yamini: You go and change
Yamini: That stupid waiter he gave the poison to wrong person. Well atleast I hope Adaa dies. It will make my work easier.
Yamini start laughing

In Adaa room.
Shivanya: Adaa you go and sleep now.
Adaa: I don’t know what happened to me.
Shivanya: We don’t know what happened to you either. It was Karan who got to know about you. He called ritik immedialty.
Adaa in mind: I have to thank him.
Adaa> Do you know where Karan live.
Shivanya> No, you can ask ritik.

In the morning
Adaa asked ritik about where karan lived. And left from house to visit karan.
At karan’s house..
Adaa ramg the doorbell.
The door was opened by none other than yamini.
They both were shocked to see each other.
Adaa: Tum tumhe toh shivanya ne maar diya tha
Yamini: So you survived.

Adaa was about to bite yamini but karan came.
Karan: Adaa. How are you. Maa this is Adaa.
Adaa was shocked to hear the word maa.
Adaa: Yeh tumhari maa hai.
Karan: Haan
Adaa: So from which mother did you steal him from. Tell me yamini raheja.
Karan: Do you know maa.

Adaa: Bohat ache se janti hoon main isko. Yeh itni greedy woman hai that she can even kill you for money.
Karan was now angry and shouted:
Karan: Shut up. I said SHUT UP do you know who you are talking to.
Adaa: Karan believe me. She tried to kill me and my whole family. She is the one who gave me poison.
Karan who was angry now was about to slap adaa. But couldn’t.
Karan: Adaa leave from here now.
Adaa: No, I won’t, this women is danger for you. Please believe me.
Yamini: How do you know that I am danger for him. I was the one who raised him.
Adaa: raised my foot.

Yamini: You are the one who are danger for him. Haven’t you told him your secret.
Karan: what secret?
Yamini: Should I tell him or you want.
Adaa: Don’t you dare say a word or else you know very well what I can do. The thing shivanya couldn’t do with you I can.
Karan: Maa don’t listen to her threats and tell me.
Yamini: Are you sure you want to listen to that. It will break your heart.
Adaa: Yamini stop it. Don’t tell him.
Yamini: Too late. Karan, Adaa is not a human. But a naagin.
Karan: Maa what are you saying. Have you people gone mad.
Yamini: You don’t believe me. Then watch.
Yamini took a ring (the ring that was given by gurumaa used in the drama).
Yamini: Adaa do you remember this ring. It protected me from you and shivanya.
Yamini took adaa’s arm and placed the ring on it.

Adaa started to get snakeskin.
Karan was shocked.
Adaa: Ahhhhhhh stop it.
Karan took the ring from yamini’s hand.
Karan: Maa please stop she has showed her true face. Her whole family has. Adaa leave from here before I get angry. And when I am angry I can’t control myself. Leave.
Adaa left from there crying.

Adaa came back home crying.
Shivanya: Adaa what happened.
Adaa: shivanya can I ask you a question?
Shivanya: You can ask me anything.
Adaa: Did you know that yamini is alive.
Shivanya: Adaa how do you know.
Adaa: So you and ritik knew but didn’t tell me. Why?
Shivanya: But how did you find out?
Adaa start telling her everything.
Shivanya and Ritik are shocked .
Adaa: She is just using karan for her own benefit.
Shivanya: we have to do something. Adaa where did you meet yamini?
Adaa: At karan’s house
Shivanya: we have to go there.
Adaa: You guys go Karan hates me and doesn’t want to see my face. He knows that I am a naagin. Neither do I want to see him. He doesn’t want to listen to a single word about Yamini.
Shivanya who listened to this felt bad for both Adaa and Karan. Ritik and Shivanya both left too Karan’s house.

Precap: Yamini to make a deal with Ritik and Shivanya.

I hope you guys liked it. Please keep on commenting, reading and supporting Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care.?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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