Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 13


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank each one of you who comment, read and support my fanfiction. It means a lot. Many of you might wondering when the weeding will take place and the pregnancy track. All of this will happen in episode 16.

So let’s start ?

Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 13

Adaa faints and is about to fall but Karan catches her
Karan sees blood and gets worried.
Karan: Adaa wake up. I have to tell ritik sir.

In the hall
Shivanya: Ritik have you seen Adaa.
Then suddenely Ritik gets a call.
Ritik: what okay me and shivanya will come there.
Shivanya: What happened.
Ritik: Karan saw adaa vomiting blood and she fainted.
Both ritik and shivanya come in the garden and see adaa.
Shivanya: Adaa open your eyes.
Ritik: Karan do you know what happened.
Karan: Sir I was in garde because I got a phone call. Then when I was about to leave I saw adaa vomiting blood and fainting.
Shivanya: Ritik we have to take her to gurudev.
Ritik: Yes, you are right. Karan can you please handle the party.
Karan: Okay sir.
Ritik carries adaa and leaves with shivanya.
Ritik sees shivanya crying
Ritik: Shivanya don’t worry. Adaa will be okay
Shivanya: I don’t understand what happened to Adaa.

Ritk and shivanya reach the temple and goes inside.
Shivanya: Gurudev
Gurudev comes and asks what happened. He sees adaa and asks what happened.
Shivanya: Gurudev something happened to Adaa we don’t know but she vomited blood and fainted.
Gurudev does some mantras, and finds out about the poison
Gurudev: shivanya someone have given Adaa sesnag poison. It is really dangerous. It can kill adaa.
Ritik and shivanya are shocked.
Shivanya: Gurudev do something save adaa.
Gurudev , shivanya and ritik pray. And then suddenely sesnag comes.
Shivanya: Ab ap adaa ko bachaoo sek the hai. ( Now only you can save Adaa)
Sesnag: someone has given her poison. This person have come back for revenge. This time I will save your sister.
Adaa wakes up.
All are really happy.
Shivanya and ritik thank sesnag.
Shivanya: Adaa you are alright.
They hug. Shivanya signs ritik to not tell about yamini.

Precap: Adaa to visit Karan.

Guys i hope you liked the episode. Keep on reading, commenting and supporting Naagin Ki Love Story. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever

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