Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 12 + plot for further episodes.

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank everyone who comment, read and support my fanfiction. It means a lot. So in the end of the episode you will get some details about the further plot. I will thank everyone who commented ideas. It means a lot.

So let’s start?

Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 12

The waiter was about to go to Adaa but then she went to Karan
Adaa: Hello Karan how is your chest
Karan: It’s healed know.

Then suddenely they hear ritik coming on stage and saying.
Ritik: Guys there are many couples here so I thought why not do a masquerade ball dance so everybody will get a mask.
Both Adaa and Karan put mask on their face and all the people are dancing but after 1 min all the pairs change.
So now both ritik and shivanya are dancing. And Karan and Adaa.
Ritik: Lucky me to get to dance with you.
Ritik twirl shivanya.
Adaa: Karan
Karan: Nahi Barack Obama.
Karan: Of course KAran who else would it be.
Adaa: hahaha very funny
Now everybody twirl their partners.

But due to luck karan and adaa are in the same pair.
Karan: You again
Adaa: Agar tum acha twirl karte then I would have been with another partner.
Then the music stops.

Ritik comes up and says you may all remove the masks and look at your partner.
Both ritik shivanya and karan adaa remove their mask. And both the coupes share an eyelock.
But then suddenely Karan gets a call.

He goes in to the garden.
The waiter sees adaa standing and gives her juice.
Adaa: Thank you
Adaa starts drinking the juice

The waiter goes to yamini and says work done. Yamini gives him money and leaves from the party.
Adaa starts feeling dizzy and sees blood coming out from her mouth. She rushes out to the garden where Karan is standing they both don:t see each other.
Karan is done with the phne call and is about to leave when he sees Adaa vomiting blood.
Adaa faints but Karan catches her.

Precap: Ritik and shivanya to take adaa to gurudev.

Plot for further episodes:

Guys I will specially thank writer, shreyaa and rivanya for giving an amzing idea. I will use your guys idea.

I thought that Adaa will visit Karan’s house but yamini will also be there. Yamini will open the door and she will be shocked to see adaa. Karan will come there and ask why she is here. There will be a shocking twist.
Later Karan and Adaa will get married forcefully. And both are helpless. This will all be yamini’s plan. Ritik & Shivanya won’t be able to stop it.
And some of you guys wanted to see shivanya pregnant. So that will happen in the story. Shivanya will faint in the weeding.

I hope you guys liked the episode and the plot/details. Keep on reading, supporting and commenting on Naagin Ki Love Story. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

Credit to: Naaginfanforever


  1. Naaginfanforever

    I’m sorry guys if i disappointed anyone. Some of you might not like that shivanya will become pregnant. But many of my readers wanted this twist. But there are lots of twists in store. So i hope you guys still support me in my decisions. I hope i didn’t hurt anyone’s fellings.

  2. Shreyaa

    Do not drag the story. Let the wedding and the pregnancy track take place soon and something like yamini harms shivanya baby and it get aborted. Etc. …

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