Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 11

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I will thank everyone who comment, support and read my fanfiction. It means a lot. I got some comments about ideas on my previous episode and i chose one idea that will be revealed in the next episode. So let#s start.

Karan comes to ritik’s house.
Ritik: Hi karan, do you want anything to eat.
Karan: No, thank you sir.I have brought the files for the project. I hope ap ko ache lage.
Ritik reads the file, and says wow this is good I hope that the people we are making deal with will like it.
Both karan and ritik leave for work.

After 2 hours ritik comes home and says.
Ritik: Shivanya and Adaa I have a surprise for you all. Where are you guys?
Then suddenely shivanya and adaa came.
Adaa: What happened.
Shivanya: Did you get the deal.
Ritik happily says: Yes I did and it was all because of Karan. So I have decided to throw a party.
Adaa in mind: So that dumbo actually has a brain, he helped ritik with the deal.
Adaa: Yes, we wil celebrate.
All start arranging for the party.

In Karan’s house
Karan gets a call from ritik.
Karan: Yes sir I’ll be in the party
Yamini who heard everything had planned a plan in her mind
Yamini:Karan beta who was it
Karan: maa my boss ritik sir. He has planned a party in his house.
Yamini:Where does he live
Karan:Maa the party is going to be
Karan was about to say something but gets interrupted by a phone call
Maa I have to leave but you take care
Yamini in mind: He was so near to tell me where they leave. No worries I’ll just follow you beta
Yamini smirks.

In Ritik’s room
Ritik:Shivanya are you ready
Shivanya comes out from the bathroom.
Ritik:What happened
Ritik notice that one of her dori is open. So he tales her to the mirror and make a knot.
Ritik hugs shivanya from the back and says
Ritik: You look extra beautiful today
Shivanya blush
Ritik: I am happy that I married a girl like you.

They are about to kiss but Shivanya runs from there blushing. And collides with Adaa.
Adaa: what happened shivanya why are you blushing
Then adaa saw ritik coming out from the room and understood.
Adaa whispering to shivanya: No worries I understood.
Then adaa and shivanya start laughing

Later they came down
Karan also entered and the first person he saw was Adaa.
Then suddenly ritik came in front
Ririk: Welcome Karan
Karan: Thank you sir.
Karan and ritik went to the dealers.
Then suddenely a woman with scarf on her face came in.
Woman in mind: Now I will kill you shivanya.
Yes the woman is Yamini.
Yamini took some powder from her pocket.
Yamini: This powder has the poison of the shesnag. Woever will drink this will die. Even if he is a naagin or human.
Yamini put The powder In a glass of juice and said to a waiter
Waiter: Please give this to the lady.
Yamini was pointing at shivanya bit when the waiter was about to see shivanya adaa came in front
So the waiter thought to give the juice to adaa.
Waiter: Okay mam.
Then yamini went to a corner.

Precap: Everybody dance. Adaa to faint.

I hope you guys liked the episode. And I will see you guys in next episode. Until then take care.?

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    Really good

  3. Nice writer is right you should make shivanya pregnant

  4. Naaginfanforever

    Thank you guys. Rivanya shivanya will become pregnant. In the upcoming episodes.

  5. Make shivanya pregnant soon and ritik taking care of her. It is a fantabulous episode

  6. Naaginfanforever

    Shreyaa you have to wait a little for Shivanya’s pregnancy. Because in the episode where shivanya will become pregnant. In that episode there are many twists.

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      Hey I posted a ff on’s name is a journey from hate to will be updated soon pls read and comment

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        Sure Siddhi I will read and comment on your fanfiction. When will you upload it. ?

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