Naagin Ki Love Story Episode 10

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and i am back with another episode of Naagin Ki Love Story. I am so glad that we have reached the 10th episode. I will thank everyone who read, comment and support my fanfiction. It means a lot. So in the further episodes i don’t exactly know what to do. I have started with the new plot. So if you guys want to see something in my fanfiction or have any idea I can use in my fanfiction feel free to comment. So let’s start with the fanfiction. I will post the plot for further epsiodes in my next episode.

In Karan’s house
Karan: Maa I got the job
Yamini: I am so proud of you good job. Well who is your boss.
Karan: Maa his name is Mr. Ritik.
Yamini: Is he married. (Yamini is pretending like she doesn’t know anything).
Karan: Yes, he is married to Mrs. Shivanya. And in the house Mrs. Shivanya and Sir Ritik lives. And Mrs. Shivanya’s sister live there also with them, her name is adaa.
Yamini in mind: So the whole gang live under the same roof. They just made my work easier.
Karan: Maa what are you thinking.
Yamini: Nothing beta. You go and freshen up.

In ritik’s house
Shivanya comes to adaa’s room and sees her thinking something.
Shivanya: Good morning. What are you thinking.
Adaa: Nothing, who am I supposed to think about.
Shivanya: I know you are thinking about Karan.
Adaa gets shocked and asks:
Adaa: how do you know.
Shivanya: I know everything I am your sister.
Adaa: I just hope that the place he burned himself has healed.
Shivanya: You can ask him today. He is coming over for project. Because Ritik’s office is still getting repaired.
Adaa smiles but then her smile fades away.
Shivanya: What happened.
Adaa: Shivanya sometimes I forget that I am a naagin. And that I can’t make the same mistake as you.
Shivanya hug her and says.
Shivanya: Don’t worry I’ll always support you.

In Karan’s room
Karan checks the places he burned himself. And gets flashes of adaa.
Karan: Why am I thinking about her. I’m just going there for work. I don’t believe in love.
Then he hears a knock on the door.

Yamini: Beta what happened to your chest.
Karan thinks to not tell mom what happened.
Karan: Nothing mom I just burned myself.
Yamini: You idiot be careful next time. But your chest is almost healed so that is a good thing. You applied the medicine really well. I will go and make breakfast.
Karan thinking: I was not the one who applied the medicine.

Precap: Ritik to throw a party. Adaa to faint and vomiting blood.

Guys i know that it wasn’t that good episode. But i promise further episodes will be full of climax, romance and drama. Until then take care. ?

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  1. Nice

  2. Yeah can you make shivanya pregnant

  3. Make ritik and shiva ya consummate. Let shivanya faint and vomit blood instead of sesha. Make shivanya pregnant. Add rivanya romance.

  4. Naaginfanforever

    Thank you guys for your ideas. And thank you for commenting. One thing i have decided is that shivanya will become pregnant. But Adaa is the one who will faint and vomit blood.

  5. When will you update the next episode

  6. Naaginfanforever

    Shreyaa I will try to upload the next episode as fast as i can.

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