Naagin… the Journey of Shivanyaa

Naagin the daily soap on colours have been changing its colours, the main lead naagin (Mauni Roy), is injured by her Manly husband Hritik(Bijlani) who actually loves her.. but is unaware of her being the raptile naaagin who is icchadhari.. and also unaware about the reason why she is in his house ie.revenge of her parents untimely death due to murder by humans.
Now as shivanya is injured her place in serial is taken by another icchadhari naagin ie. Shesha..
Now what we got to see is that shesha finds that there is a mark on hritiks back, which she had seen in naagmani book..

Now shesha wanna kno what is the significance of the mark but Anky dosent allow her to reach the book..
Let us wait and see whether even hritik turns out to be a naag!!! My prediction says he has some relation to naag kingdom or may b he is a icchadhari naag but isn’t aware bout his powers..
I will update you all withthe serial drama nad my predictions…. you may comment your views and ur imaginative story in the comments..
Hissssss…hisss nagin we are wiith you!!!#

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  1. As per my guess the masked man hidden by Ankush Raheja, Shailesh and others was the king of palace and Hrithik is actually Prince bought up by Ankush Raheja. There can be many reasons why they didnt kill king even after snatching nag mani or why they care for Hrithik so much

  2. No… I don’t think he is a naag ….
    But he has some powers …..
    He can identify his love one pain ….
    No matter his love is close or far from him ….
    He is so cute ….

  3. I agree with Meghna

  4. According to my Mom’s prediction Hritik might be the son of that Maharaja (inshort the prince as stated by Meghana) and I think that Ankush Raheja’s property actually belongs to Hritik. It’s also possible that Hritik has some supernatural powers but is aware of them as he came to know that Shivanya is in trouble (in the latest episode) or maybe that was just the power of his love towards Shivanya.

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