Naagin- In my heart (Episode 9)


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Recap: Rithik and Khushi went to Shivanya’s shop, Rithik and Tanvi’s confrontation regarding their marriage, Rithik, Arnav, Sesha and Shivanya all ready to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony was to start at 8pm. She entered the huge hall accompanied by her sister as they moved to a corner. She glanced in all the directions as she saw the place flocked by many businessmen owning different companies. The waiters were offering drinks and snacks to everyone around. She was looking at the door time and again waiting for him to arrive. She looked at the watch. It was 7:58pm. The glow on her face sheened away and she looked forlorn as she realized that he might not come. This was soon replaced by a concern for him, his safety and health. She looked away from the gate and picked up her phone still in a dilemma to whether call him or not. Seeing her like this, her sister questioned her. ‘Are you alright, Shivanya?’ ‘Yes’ was her reply. Imagining him together with his would- be fiancé she decided against calling him. She was confused as to why her heart was yearning to see him. But she jerked all the thoughts off. Suddenly her gaze went towards the door and she saw him entering along with two other people. ‘Rithik’ was all she could mutter. She looked at her sister when she saw her uttering ‘Mr. Suri.’ Sesha pointed out to her where Mr. Suri was and she was baffled to know that the one person along with Rithik was him. Both the sister’s eyes followed Mr. Suri as they saw him joining a discussion among a group of people.

He entered the hall along with her as he seemed least interested in all this. He seemed disturbed by her continuous talks as he finally uttered, ‘Stop it Lavanya.’
Lavanya: ‘But I was just…’
Arnav: ‘I said stop it.’
Seeing the anger on his face she kept quiet. He was among the one who had never accepted defeat but all the happenings from a past few months had literally pissed him off. The loss of tender, the letter all were related to one person, the CEO of Durga Group of companies. His inability to find anything about that person had made him more frustrated. He was not in a happy space or to put it well, his track was not down a smooth road. He saw Mr. Gupta standing and talking to someone on phone. He kept looking at him in the hope of finding something about him, about that person he hated the most.


Finally everyone stopped talking and their eyes turned centre stage as the ceremony had finally began. It was the time to award the most prestigious trophy of the night “Business man of the year”. All of them waited with bated breath as finally the name of the winner was announced. A certain silence had engulfed the environment and eyes began moving here and there as the person who was named didn’t turn up. The name was called again. All eyes turned towards the door as they saw the person entering. She was wearing formals as her hair were tied up in a pony. The announcement was made once again as she was handed over the trophy ‘A big applause for the winner, Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, the head of Durga Group of companies.’

Arnav clenched his feet as his eyes were shooting glares at her. He watched all this as he was filled with rage. The fact that she turned out to be so strong was hitting on him. All the events associated with her flashed back in his mind. A smile played on Rithik’s lips as he saw her receiving the award and muttered “interior designer”. She looked back at Rithik with a smile whereas in reply to Arnav’s angry glares, she smirked. She gave a thank you speech. As the award ceremony ended, she announced a success part she was hosting then and there and requested everyone there to enjoy and feel comfortable. The environment gradually changed to be a more relaxed one as couples started grooving to the soft music.

As she moved further, she was stopped in her tracks by Rithik who gave her a warm hug. She handed over the trophy to Mr. Gupta as they began talking. ‘So Miss interior designer, I’m upset with you’ he said as he showed a little anger. ‘I’m sorry’, she said as she held her ears with her hands and made a cute innocent face. He removed her hands and asked her to relax.

Shivanya started moving towards where he was standing, unaware of her feelings. Her mind wanted to stop her but her heart was betraying her. There Lavanya held his hand and asked him for a dance but he was looking somewhere else. He jerked his hand off and started moving towards where she was standing. Khushi saw Shivanya coming towards them and she gestured Rithik. Rithik took Shivanya’s hand in his and asked her for a dance. He moved his hand over her waist as she rested her one hand on his shoulder. They were lost in each other eyes as they started dancing close to each other.

Meanwhile, Khushi started going when Arnav stopped her. She glared at him and turned to leave when he suddenly held her hand from behind and pulled her towards him. She landed in his arms. She tried to move away but his grip was tighter. He held her by her waist as they stood there for a moment. They could feel the beat of the music as they slowly started dancing. ‘So how was it Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?’ she smirked as she said this. ‘Not up to that level. I had expected more but I think that you can only do this much,’ he said shrugging his shoulders. He pulled her closer to him as she grew uncomfortable and stomped his foot. He retaliated by twirling her and made her fall in his arms. They were lost in each other when she moved her eyes away and scolded herself. She remembered her motive and asked him to leave her. He complied with what she said as he left her. This resulted in her falling down on the floor as she let out a slight scream of pain. He extended his hand to her but she looked away from him. He held her hand and again pulled her up towards him. What followed it was a more passionate dance between them.

She was watching all this standing afar. When she couldn’t take it any longer she moved towards them. Their trance was broken when they heard ‘Congratulations Miss Khushi.’ They both turned to look and saw Lavanya standing beside them. ‘Hi. I’m Lavanya, Arnav’s fiancé’ saying this she introduced herself to Khushi. They both shook their hands as Khushi left saying a thanks. Lavanya turned towards him and placed both her hands on his shoulder. He shrugged his shoulders and grabbed her hand. She was not able to understand what was going in his mind. He brought her outside and said. ‘What the hell was that dammit?’
Lavanya: ‘What?’

He gave her a stern expression as he continued, ‘Fiancé? Listen Lavanya, don’t try to cross your limits ever. You are just my girlfriend and this relationship is based on certain terms. No terms means no relationship. Don’t ever try to cross my way as I know how to show you your limits and if I became the worse for you, you’ll not be able to handle it.’

He left her there as he moved towards the parking area and went away from there.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Well.. Saya.. I didn’t understand the first part… Can you please introduce the person whom you are discribing…. If you don’t mind… Anyways, loved it… Where is Tanvi in Party? I want her to be jealous… o_O

    1. the first part is about sesha and shivanya. It describes the place i.e. the hall from shivanya ‘s view point also she is searching for rithik in the party and her feelings are described there. first she is considering in calling him but then decided against it. but shivanya sees rithik entering the party along with his father and Mr. suri. sesha recognises suri. hope you understood and yes tanvi is not present there in the party.

  2. Ohhhh so arnav kushi are rivals

  3. wooow.. it was amazing saya.. actually i read all the episodes today only but i must say ur writing skills r amazing dear… eagerly waiting for next update.. thanks for d ff…

    1. thanks dear

  4. beautifully written plz also include nisha kabir & arjun radhika Sam nil

    1. hi rutu. sorry to say dear as I’ll be unable to include more pairs but I’ll include one or more characters. hope you understand.

  5. Wow nice good job saya

  6. Itsss two awesome …

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