Naagin- In my heart (Episode 8)

Hello everyone. Thanks a lot for reading my ff and liking it. So let’s get started…

Recap: Rithik’s and Shivanya’s first meeting, Tanvi’s jealousy and her decision of revenge, Sesha’s effort and shortlisting two people, her decision to attend the ceremony, Arnav’s and his dadi’s conversation regarding his marriage

‘You have gone crazy,’ she said as she was wondering what he was up to and why he had called her. The sun was shining over her head as her one hand was touching her forehead in order to prevent her eyes from the hot glares of the sun and get a proper view without squinting her eyes. He had held her other hand as he was leading her and asking her to move fast. She noticed the visible happiness on his face as she increased her pace.

‘What’s it, Rithik? Tell me something.’ “Surprise” was the only word she could hear. He led her into a shop and she relaxed a bit, away from that heat and his behaviour for a moment. She looked at him as he pointed with his eyes towards something. She looked towards the direction he was pointing at. She could not believe what she saw as her mouth remained open in amazement. He slightly pushed her lower jaw as he uttered, ‘Close your mouth at least, Khushi.’ She came back to her senses as she whispered to him, ‘I didn’t knew I was so lucky for you. I knew you would meet her in dreams but it happened in reality. Come let me choose something to wear for your engagement.’

She saw him admiring Shivanya and talking to her. She could feel the love in him for her. After they came outside from the shop, she looked at him and asked, ‘Do you love Tanvi?’

Rithik: ‘She likes…’
Khushi: ‘Not the same answer again please. Do you love Shivanya?’

He stood speechless as he fell sort of words.
Khushi: ‘You are complicating everything Rithik. Why are you doing this engagement? Decide soon but wisely.’
Saying this, they left from there.


He was sitting in his room when he took out the paper from the cabinet and completed her picture. He kept staring at it and started thinking about her words and was perplexed. He reached out for his phone and messaged someone to come to meet him at 5. It was half an hour before she would arrive.

After half an hour,
He had dozed off due to the entire day’s tiredness when a knock on the door woke him up. He rubbed his eyes as he got up from the bed. He quickly picked up the paper from the bed and hid it. He then opened the door.

She entered the room as she turned to him. ‘Yes Rithik. Is everything alright? You called me so urgently.’ He was hesitant as he knew she would be hurt as she loved him from childhood. ‘Tanvi… I cannot do this engagement tomorrow. I wanted to say it to you first before anyone else. I don’t love you.’

She stood shocked as she heard those words. She clenched her fists as she knew the reason behind it. She came near him and held his collar as tears rolled down her eyes. ‘And what about me? What about my love?’ She freed his collar as she pushed him and continued, ‘I know you don’t love me but where you were when our marriage talks were going on? Why this all of a sudden? I know this is because of…’ She stopped herself when she realized what she was saying. ‘Rithik, I love you very much and I’m sure you’ll also start loving me after marriage.’ Saying this, Tanvi left the place.

Frustrated at all this, he banged the door and latched it as he picked up a dress and started dressing up for the ceremony. There she wiped away her tears as she smirked and thought, ‘I know this is because of Shivanya. I’ll not leave her and dear Rithik you’ll have to marry me only.’ She glared at the closed door of his room and went away.


He was getting ready. He pulled up his black blazers and started setting his hair. He was standing there fully dressed up for the ceremony when he moved towards the small glass showcase kept in the corner of his room. He moved his fingers over a trophy and picked it up. He reminisced the moment when he was awarded the “Businessman of the year” trophy. When suddenly he came back to reality due to sound of an incoming message on his phone. He placed the trophy back gently as he read the message. ‘I know sweetheart only you will win this trophy like the previous year. Best of luck Arnav.’

He threw the phone on bed with anger as somewhere he knew he wouldn’t be the one.


There Sesha was also getting ready to attend the ceremony and upon her insistence Shivanya was also accompanying her.


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