Naagin- In my heart (Episode 7)


Hello everyone. I know you have all been eagerly waiting for this so here we go…

Recap: Sesha’s step ahead to identify the killers, Shivanya’s last memories of her mother, Rithik’s mom’s insistence of accompanying Tanvi, Khushi remembering Rahul & her meeting with Arnav’s dadi

He was driving the car and she was sitting beside him reading out the directions from a card. Finally they reached at their destination. They both came out of the car and headed towards the shop.

‘I’m so excited Rithik I don’t believe in a few days it’s our engagement.’ Saying so Tanvi held his hand but he carefully freed his hand. She complied with his decision. Rithik gave a faint smile as they both entered the shop. However both stood there shocked as they saw the face of the girl working there.

Flashbacks of the car accident scene were going on in Tanvi’s mind. She clenched her fist as she remembered her insult. She calmed herself down and looked at Rithik. Her eyes turned red as she saw Rithik staring at her. She saw his expressions and she felt a tinge of jealousy and insecurity as he had never seen her the way he was seeing that girl.
Rithik stood there as his facial features got enhanced with a curve on his face…the curve of a smile, the happiness. He imagined the whole place had turn into a beautiful place as she came in front of him wearing a white gown and caressed his cheeks. There was no mist, nothing which could be a hindrance to his vision. He held her hand and twirled her and held her close to him. Yes, she was his dream girl. Suddenly he came out of this trance as he observed Tanvi shaking his shoulder. ‘Are you alright? What happened?’
‘Nothing’, replied Rithik with a smile. His happiness knew no bounds whereas Tanvi’s mind made an evil plan and she smirked looking at both of them.

Both of them moved towards her. Every pace of his towards her was increasing his heartbeat whereas every pace of her made her firmer in her intentions and she decided to work on it.

‘I’m Tanvi. I’m sorry for that day. I know I misbehaved and I hope that you’ll forget me.’ Tanvi said this as she extended her hands towards her. ‘I’m Shivanya and its ok’, said Shivanya as they both shook hands. She then shook hands with Rithik as he said, ‘I’m Rithik.’

Soon Tanvi started looking for a dress helped by Shivanya. However his eyes were meant only for her and he suddenly turned his gaze towards the dresses in front as he saw Shivanya looking at him. Tanvi selected a dress and specified for moderations and then she requested, ‘Day after tomorrow is my engagement so can you please come with this dress on that day. Actually we all will be very busy and I also want you to attend my engagement.’
Shivanya: ‘I’ll send one of my girls working here to give your dress and I’m sorry I’ll not be able to come.’
Rithik: ‘You must come. I’ll…I mean we all will feel very happy.’
Tanvi: ‘If you’ll come then I’ll feel that you have forgiven me.’
Upon their insistence, she agreed.

Both were heading towards their car as suddenly Rithik stopped mid-way and returned back to the shop citing that he had forgotten his phone. He came running into the shop and bumped into her. Unable to balance, they both fell on the ground with Rithik onto her. He saw her as she had closed her eyes tightly. Slowly she opened her eyes and both were lost into each other. Shivanya broke the eye contact and tried to move. Slowly he got up and helped her in getting up. He then moved and picked up a white gown saying that he wanted to purchase that.

Shivanya: ‘For Tanvi.’
Rithik: ‘No for someone special.’
Saying this, he left the place after a last glance at her.


She was working in her room with a lot of files in front of her. She had shortlisted two files on which his dad was working from the past one month before that fateful day but were not published. She kept the rest of the files aside. She then opened one of the file. After reading the file thoroughly she came to know that this man was involved in smuggling drugs under the guise of his export import business. She read out the name, ‘Mr. Suri.’

She closed the file and opened another file. In that also a business man was involved. She closed the files.
‘Tomorrow there is a ceremony in which “Buisness men of the Year” trophy will be awarded and I’m sure everyone will come there…even these two. I don’t know what will I do but I’ll surely go there’, Sesha said this as her eyes were filled with the fire of revenge.


He had returned home when he saw his dadi watching some photos happily. He came near her and inquired about her health. She then asked him to come down after freshening up quickly as she had to talk about an important thing. He came down after 15 minutes. She made him sit on the sofa and laid down the photos which she was watching on the table in front of him. ‘I think this is the right time for you to get married Arnav. I liked this girl and you?’

His brows furrowed as he suddenly rose from his place. ‘What the… Dadi, I’m not interested and please stop all this.’ Saying so, he went to his room. His dadi gave a smile as image of a girl formed in her mind. ‘I know only she can change you and I’ll make sure you marry her.’


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