Naagin- In my heart (Episode 6)


Hello everyone. I’ll surely introduce more characters in the upcoming episodes. Thank you for reading my ff.

Recap: Shivanya’s and a girl’s accidental meeting, Khushi and Rithik’s conversation, Arnav’s and Khushi’s first meeting and her slap.

Let’s get started…

Water droplets were adorning her hair when she took a towel and tried to wipe them off. Sun rays falling on her were adorning her features and wanted her to remain there in that position. Alas! She moved from her room to the dining table where her sister was all decked up ready to leave. ‘Di, why are you leaving an hour earlier today?’ she enquired. To this, Sesha replied ‘I have an important work today.’

Shivanya: ‘Is it something related to…?’

Before she could finish her talk Sesha had interrupted, ‘Yes, you are right. After a lot of effort I have reached here. Our father was a journalist and he had unearthed and exposed a lot of people. I’ll today come a little closer by getting to know about some of them. It’ll be really difficult to identify the masked men among all of those.’

Shivanya saw the tensed expressions of her sister. She kept her hand onto hers and comforted her. ‘Do you need any help, di?’

‘No Shivanya. I want you to stay out of it atleast for some time. If I need your help then I’ll sure tell you.’

Saying this Sesha left from there. Tears rolled down Shivanya’s cheek as she remembered the moments when her mother used to feed her with her own hands. She closed her eyes as a figure appeared before her. It was her mother instructing her not to come out at any cost…it was the last instruction her mother had passed onto them. She remembered how they both had run over to their parents after the 2 men had left the place. They had cried and tried to wake their parents but they were unable to do anything. She opened her eyes with a jerk as she was unable to contain that seen any longer. It seared through her heart. She lifted her hand which was resting on the table and turned the palm of her hand towards her. She could imagine blood of her parents on her hand. She clenched her fist and brought it closer to her heart. She fell down on her knees as she wept bitterly.


He was busy giving a final touch to his presentation when a knock on the door distracted him. He called the person in as his gaze was still on his laptop. His mother entered the room and sat beside him on the bed and softly caressed his hairs. She began speaking, ‘Rithik, today you need to go along with Tanvi to help her choose her engagement dress.’

To this, he stopped typing as he looked at his mother. ‘Mom, I’m busy today. Above all she needs to do shopping for her engagement day so anyone can accompany her. But if you want me to go then I’m sorry.’

Listening to this his mother stood up and gave him a stern look. ‘Come on Rithik. She is your would-be wife. How can you react this way? You need to take out time for her and…’

‘Ok mom. Stop it. I’ll take her.

As her mother left the room he quickly got dressed and messaged Tanvi to be ready at 5 in the evening before leaving for office.


She climbed the steps and handed over the puja plate to the priest. The priest started performing the puja for Rahul. She folded her hands, closed her eyes as she stood there praying in front of god to give her strength and help her in her mission. She took the prasad and muttered, ‘I miss you Rahul’ before leaving the temple. She went near her car and asked the driver to head off. Suddenly her eyes fell on an old lady standing near a car. She asked her driver to stop. She observed the deflated tyre and got off her car. She approached the lady and asked her whether she could drop her somewhere. However the lady denied citing that she’ll call her grandson but upon her insistence she accompanied her. They both sat in the car as they drove off again.

Khushi: ‘Dadi…I hope you don’t mind me calling you Dadi?’
Dadi: ‘No you can call me dadi. What’s your name?’
Khushi: ‘Khushi.’
Dadi: ‘You symbolize your name…bringing happiness over everyone’s face.’

Her expressions changed as she heard this and muttered, ‘not everyone.’

Dadi: ‘Did you say anything?’
Khushi: ‘No.’

They both chatted and soon she reached the place where she had to drop dadi. She saw the nameplate on the wall besides the gate. Her eyebrows furrowed as she read those words engraved in silver “Raizada Mansion.”

Dadi insisted her to come in but she denied citing an important work. She then ordered her driver to move away from there.


Credit to: saya

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