Naagin- In my heart (Episode 5)

Hello everyone. Have a happy reading. I’m adding another layer to Khushi’s character which you’ll get to know soon. Hope you are enjoying it.

Recap: Rithik’s incredible dream, Shivanya’s nightmare, Rithik’s and Khushi’s conversation and the feelings in all of their heart.

After a month…

Shivanya was driving her car when a red light in front of her stopped her. Suddenly she felt a jerk and the voice of a bang hit her eardrums. She left her car and saw that her car’s back headlight was damaged. She moved forward to confront the driver of that car. A girl came out from that car and started saying, ‘Oh my god, my car’s headlight.’

Shivanya: ‘And what about my car. Can’t you drive carefully?’

She then turned her gaze towards Shivanya and replied, ‘I think you don’t know whom you are talking to. I’m Ta…’
Shivanya: ‘I’m not interested in knowing about you.’

Saying so she started leaving when she heard the girl’s voice who had started blaming her, ‘If you would have stopped your car a little forward then this wouldn’t have happened.’

Shivanya: ‘That’s amazing. Instead of apologizing for your mistakes you are blaming me instead.’

Listening to this, she replied with an indifferent attitude, ’I know what you want. Wait a second.’ Saying this, she took out her purse from the car and handed her an amount. ‘I think this would be enough.’

To this, Shivanya retaliated. ‘Just turn right from the red light there is a school. Just inquire the fees and inform me. I’ll pay your admission fees so that hopefully you can learn some manners.’

Saying this, Shivanya drove off in her car leaving that girl fuming.


Khushi: ‘So you are getting engaged.’
Rithik: ‘Yes to Tanvi’
Khushi: ‘Do you love her?’
Rithik: ‘She loves me since childhood. I like her as a friend but…’

He then took out a paper from the folder he was carrying and handed over it to her.

Khushi: ‘What’s this?’
Rithik: ‘See it for yourself.’

She unfolded the paper and saw the drawing.

Khushi: ‘It’s a girl and one min. Her facial features…Why is it incomplete?’
Rithik: ‘I dream about this girl. I don’t know who she is and why I get such dreams?’
Khushi: ‘Don’t worry only her lips are left now and I’m sure since you have met me today you’ll also be able to see your dream girl completely today in your dreams. Then I’ll find out her for you.’

Rithik laughed at her antics and then shortly left the place. She was still sitting there in the café as she was waiting for her friend. She then saw a flower shop across the road and started admiring the flowers. Suddenly her phone beeped and she checked out the message of her friend. She made an annoyed face as her friend was not coming. She started leaving the café when she accidently bumped into Arnav. She had lost her balance and was about to fall down when he supported her with his hands. This was followed by an eye lock. Both were lost in each other’s eye. Soon they both composed themselves.

Arnav: ‘Can’t you see and walk?’
Khushi: ‘No I’m blind. But you have wonderful eyes. Why don’t you use them to see?’
Arnav: ‘What the hell… I know you did it deliberately. Girls like you find out about rich and handsome men and collide with them so that you all can get a starting point and then you trap them.’

This enraged her and she slapped him. This reaction of hers shook him as he stood there staring and wondering what had happened. When he came to his senses she had already left the place.
‘How dare she slap me? I’ll teach her a lesson for sure.’


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  1. Hi everyone. I have tried writing the name of characters alongside their dialogue. But sometimes I may forget as I don’t have that habit. Pls manage. Hi Tom can you pls explain what you wanted to convey through your comment in the previous episode as I was unable to get it.

  2. Ha ha ha kushi u r awesome

  3. Yeah,ihad. This episode was also beautiful dear.i only suggest u to bring more characters.only four to five gets bored.bring more characters to entertainment and get more can also add further twists dear.this path is going on smooth road.make some hills and downs to rock the ff.add characters of some serials which had aired off like nauc,manmarziyan,tere sheher mein,badtameez dil so on.readers get interest and also take some suggestions from them dear.hope u understand I don’t want u to hurt dear.please don’t feel or take wrong.please I request u to take it in positive way.all the best saya.??☺

  4. Superb yar.I’m waiting for shivanya n rithik’s first meet

  5. marry shivrit 4ever ?❤

    superrr nice story………..

  6. Hey..Sara… I wannna watch some Risiviya scenes… And YES!!! Arnav’s dialouge is ”What the…” Not ”What the hell”… You might forgotten that… It’s OKAY..!!!

    1. hi brity. I know you all are eagerly waiting for Ritya scenes and I’ll introduce their first meeting in episode 7. and regarding the dialogue I remembered that but thought to change it. The episode that I’ll post tomorrow will have the first meeting of Rithik and shivanya… so a little more patience.

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