Naagin- In my heart (Episode 4)


Hello everyone. Thanks to everyone who is reading my fan fiction. If you are confused, then pls specify the part where you are confused. I’ll try to clear it either by replying to your comments or during the next episode.

So here we go…

Recap: Arnav’s entry

He was standing at a place. He looked all around himself and the beauty of the nature mesmerized him. Butterflies were sitting on the flowers enjoying the sweet nectar. He stretched his hand to touch one of them, but it started flying. There was a lake in front of him having lotus floating. There was a serene silence. The moonlight has enchanted the whole place. Suddenly he saw a girl standing before him in a white gown. Her hand was immersed in the water and she was enjoying the feel of it. She took her hand out and moonlight reflecting from the water made her all the more glistening. He tried to see her face but those silky curls proved to be hindrance to his sight. Suddenly she stood up and started walking away from him. He ran upto her and held her hand thus stopping her. He could feel her touch. But suddenly he felt that he was frozen. She again started moving and after some distance away she finally turned. But to his utter disappointment, the hindrance this time was the mist. He tried to figure out her face but the only feature of her lovely face, he could make out were her eyes. She turned again and finally she was out of his sight. With this his dream broke.

As Rithik woke up from this he cupped his face and hastily stood from the bed. He opened his cabinet and took out a paper hidden such that no one else could find it out. He opened the folded paper and saw what he had drawn. The paper had lines drawn from pencil and those lines had given way to the shape of a girl. The only thing missing was her face. He took out a pencil from the drawer as he started drawing her eyes. After he had finished he took the paper in his hands and fell on the bed.
‘I don’t know who are you and why do you come in my mind but still I feel I know you. Now only you can answer about the connection between us.’

He then looked upwards,’ don’t know when I will get to see her face. Why are you taking so much time to unveil her face, god?’

He felt the urge to share this with someone but who could it be. He decided to call Khushi.


It was pitch dark. Suddenly someone opened the door thus allowing not only the moonlight to enter the door but also 2 masked man. She was seeing this all through the crack on the door and she was accompanied by her sister. The 2 masked man started arguing with her parents. This soon turned into a scuffle as she saw one of them fell on the ground while the other one stabbed her parents.

She screamed a no and woke up with a startle. Hearing her scream, her elder sister who was sleeping behind her also woke up.

‘Shivanya are you ok?’

‘How can I be ok, Sesha di?’
Shivanya stood up from her bed as she went and took out a torn mask from the drawer.

‘I know Shivanya we both cannot forget that dreadful night. That night which snatched all our happiness.’
‘But di how will we identify the killers from this torn mask. We have not seen them nor any identity of theirs.’
‘We will shivanya and that is the reason I have become a journalist. I know it’s difficult but not impossible.’

Sesha took the mask from her and kept it back in the drawer. ‘Let’s sleep’.
With revenge in their heart both went to sleep.


It was 1:30 in the night. She was peacefully sleeping in the comforts of her bed. It was all calm and peaceful when suddenly her phone started ringing. She picked up the phone and with wearily voice talked with the caller.

‘Khushi, its Rithik here.’
‘What happened? Are you alright?’
‘Yes, I’m alright. Actually I wanted to say you something.’
‘You don’t need my permission, Rithik. Say what’s it?

The letters were not forming words for him and a lump in his throat didn’t allow him to speak. He was unable to find a way to convey his feelings.
After a few seconds of silence,
‘Rithik, I think you have gone crazy. Speak up. First you disturb me at this hour of time and then your silence. I’ll not leave you when we meet.’
‘Ok ok. Stop eating my brain. Actually my birthday is after two days and so I want to invite you to the party.’
‘You have surely went nuts. At this time you called me up for inviting me. Oh god and I was thinking that there is something serious. By the way, I’m going out for a few days tomorrow itself so I’ll not be able to attend.’
‘What do you do? You have never told me and can’t you postpone it?’
‘No I cannot and yes this is the first time you’re asking me what I do. I’m an interior designer.’
‘I’ll not talk to you if you don’t come, Khushi.’
‘Fine. Don’t talk even I don’t want to talk to you.’

With this she kept her phone down. There Rithik realised that he had really disturbed her sleep and decided to ask her sorry the next day.

‘I shouldn’t have been rude. But I know he’ll understand and moreover I’ll make up for everything when I return. By the way, who can remain angry with you for so long, Miss Khushi?’

The darkness of the night had engulfed the area but only to give way to new rays and light in their lives. And what this new day had stored in for them, no one among the four new. Everyone had their own plans but destiny had something in store for them. One had hatred while the other had anxiety in his heart, one had revenge while the other had happiness in her heart. But will the feelings in their heart remain the same?


Credit to: saya

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    1. Yeah sure I’ll from next episode.

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