Naagin- In my heart (Episode 33)


Hello everyone. Before I continue this episode, I want to say a few words. It has been nearly a month since I started spinning this story around my favorite on screen couples. I am really blessed with such wonderful readers who have accepted my storyline as such and have never requested me to incorporate drastic changes. I am also overwhelmed by your amazing response and immense support. Thank you for being a part of this “In My Heart” journey. Love you all. Enjoy reading this last episode which is quite lengthy. You can still remain in touch with me and my stories through my blog:
You may not enjoy that much as stories on my blog lacks all the detailing and descriptions but still ? …

Recap: Arshi coming to another city to find out the truth and staying in a room, Sesha and Shivanya speaking their hearts out to each other, Shivanya’s decision to leave the city, Arshi getting to know the entire truth from John, Rithik getting to know about Shivanya through Tanvi and his chase.

After a year…


She was sitting in their room in front of the dressing table. She was all dressed up to attend the party. She lifted her hand as she looked lovingly at the beautiful flower ring adorning her ring finger. She brought her hand near her lips as she left a small peck on the ring. She reminisced the moment when he had come running to her and had stopped her from leaving him. She had been skeptical about the future of this relationship but still she had changed her decision. She reminisced the day when his mother had come to her house to talk about their marriage. She had made out the apprehension written all over his mother’s face. It had taken her really long to make a place in everyone’s life and heart but she was happy that she had been able to do so.

He was standing there outside as he was pacing the door. He glared at the door wondering what she was up to. It had been an hour since she had pushed him out of the room citing that she needed to get ready. He was losing his patience as he finally knocked the door. He wanted to bang it but he calmed himself as he again knocked it. Unable to take it any longer, he finally pushed the door slightly. To his utter amazement he entered a room which was completely dark and to top all this, the door was not bolted. He let out a sigh as he moved in carefully. He put his hands in his pocket but there was nothing. He realized that he had left the phone in the room itself when he had gone out. A sound at his back startled him. He turned around as he saw her bolting the door. He saw her as she turned to face him and moved towards him with a scented candle in her hand whose fragrance had lifted the entire spirit of the room. She rested her hand on his shoulder as she moved closer to him. He stepped back as he saw her removing her hand. He followed her each step as he saw her lighting all the candles placed in the room. The light from all the candles had removed the darkness of the room to a great extent.

Every candle was exuding heat as it increased the pace of their hearts. He saw her as she was dressed in front of him in a golden- dark violet saree. He was staring at her as he fell sort of words to compliment her. He saw her moving towards the wall as she switched on the fan at a very low speed. The rose petals started falling on him as he realized himself to be standing just below the fan. He looked at her as she had inched the distance between them. She wrapped her arms around his neck whereas he slid his hands around her waist as he pulled her in closer. They were lost in each other’s eyes as they allowed their heart to talk. His words were stopped from coming out as she kissed him. He reciprocated her feelings as he kissed her back. Both lost themselves in the moment as their lips met. They were enjoying the touch of each other which was bringing a thousand sensations within them. They broke this embrace as she rested her head on his chest. They closed their eyes losing themselves in each other’s arms.


His hands were on the steering wheel as he carefully manoeuvred the car. He remembered the day when they had joined hands and nabbed the real culprit. Making sketches of the goons involved with the help of John, arresting actual culprits, confessions, police cases, etc. It was all over now and everything sorted. The business project on which they were working together was completed and they had named their hotel on that land as DREAMLAND HOTELS. They had thrown a party at this new hotel and he was here to pick her up. He applied the break as he stopped near her house. He moved towards the door as he looked at the shining diamond ring adorned on his ring finger. A smile played on his lips as he reminisced their engagement. His expressions changed as he looked at the locked door in confusion. ‘What the…’ he took out his phone as he decided to call her. ‘Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, there is no need to call me.’

He kept the phone back as he heard her voice. He turned around as he glared at the security guard. He took the walkie talkie from his hands as he uttered, ‘What is all this? Where are you Khushi?’ He rolled his eyeballs as he heard her excited voice, ‘If you want to see me then you have to do as I say. Warning…warning… No excuses. Okay I know you agreed. So solve this and get the first key. What do I do when I get tensed or angry?’ He was listening at her question intently as he promptly replied, ‘Make jalebis.’

‘Do I need to go to a sweet shop now?’ He uttered in disappointment. But he knew that she won’t make it too difficult. He looked out for a sweet box everywhere but was unable to find it. He entered the garden as he went near the marigold pot. ‘Yes, jalebis have slight orange colour and so do these flowers’, he beamed in happiness as he found out the key there. He rushed to the door as he entered the house. ‘Not bad. So your last question, what is really close to my heart?’ He smiled as he heard the question and replied promptly, ‘That’s me.’

‘So funny,’ she quipped. ‘What’s this Khushi?’ He ran into the entire house as he searched for buaji, idol, anything he could think off. ‘Memories, yes that’s it.’ He rushed into the store room which was now converted into a beautiful room in the memory of Rahul. He opened the cabinets as he literally started scattering things. ‘If you do this, then I’ll not stop this game.’ He heard her warning as he arranged everything back. He grabbed the key he found there and rushed to open the lock of her room. He flung it open but was again disappointed not to see her there. ‘What the hell is this Khushi? Why are you troubling me?’

‘Because you have never said those words which I want to hear. It was only I who proposed and you even didn’t reply properly. If you don’t say it now, then you neither will be able to see me nor talk to me.’ She replied to him in a single breath.

‘Khushi, are you there?’ He brought the walkie talkie near his mouth as he called out to her. He entwined his fingers in his hairs as he felt that she has left him forever. ‘I love you dammit. I love you Khushi. Please come.’ He shouted loud.

‘I love you too. I’m waiting for you in your car.’

He rushed towards his car as he saw her dressed in a white and red saree, sitting in the driver’s seat. He sat beside her as she winked at him. He hugged her, not wanting to end the embrace.

[Sesha and Karan]

He knocked on the door as she opened the door. He looked at her as she looked really pretty in that cream coloured saree. She smiled at him as she asked him to close his mouth. He came in as they both sat on the sofa. Both were feeling awkward at this silence between them. He looked at her as admired her. He remembered when two days before he had again proposed her, feeling a change in her behaviour. But she had not replied to him this time and he had chided himself for repeating this.

She looked at him as he was sitting beside her, lost in thoughts. She had never believed in love but this person had changed her notions. She never knew when and how she lost her completely in him and had started to feel for him. She came back to her senses as she said, ‘I wanted to say something to you.’ He got up from the sofa as he felt that she might reject him again and this time he didn’t had the courage to compose himself. He turned his face away from her as he started moving towards the door. She stood there amazed by his actions. He wiped off the tear drop which had made its way down on his cheeks. She grabbed his hand but he jerked it off and started moving again. She moved angrily towards him as she kept her hand on his shoulder and turned him towards her with a force. She pushed him as his back hit the wall.

‘I’ll slap you now.’ She glared at him. He stood there confused as he asked, ‘What was that?’ he saw her inching towards her as he felt jitters. She kept her one hand on his chest as she moved the other one on his hairs. Her hand trailed downwards to his face as it finally reached his hands. Her touch was sending down shivers through his spine as he felt utter excitement. She entwined her fingers with his as she said, ‘I know I have many flaws and I want you to be there, beside me to correct me every time I go wrong.
bring calmness in my life like a moon
support me like you always do
love me like there is no tomorrow.

I love scolding you. I love troubling you. But most importantly I love you.’

He stood there not knowing how to react. Yes, this was the time he was waiting for. He took her in his arms as he rotated. He stopped as he looked into her deep eyes before finally saying, ‘I love you.’


All of them were standing together in the DREAMLAND HOTELS. They looked lovingly and admiringly at their loved ones as they chatted happily. Finally, they raised a toast to their friendship and love as all the six clanked their glasses together and uttered in unison, ‘In my heart’. A certain happiness and satisfaction had occupied everyone’s heart. They knew that few hurdles still remained there but they were sure that they would overcome all of these with their loved ones by their side.


hope you were not bored till the end. As I had said, I have written a poem on the title “in my heart” but I wanted to upload it on my blog. So to all those who love reading poems, can read it on my blog. Sorry for not uploading it here.


Fin ? ?

Credit to: saya

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