Naagin- In my heart (Episode 32)


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Recap: Rithik missing his dad and he getting to know about everything from his mother, Khushi finding her brother’s dairy and touching upon the facts unknown to her.


‘When will he wake up?’ she muttered as she kept both her hands on her waist, looking at him sleeping on the couch. She again stooped as she placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him up. ‘Arnav get up. We’re getting late.’ But unfortunately her words were having no impact on him. She turned to the bed side table and lifted up the jug of water from there. She reached near him as she saw him smiling in his sleep. ‘He is looking cute,’ she thought as she shook her head and chided herself. ‘Focus Khushi’, she muttered as she tilted the jug. The water made its way up to him as it splashed on his face. The touch of water made him wake up with a jerk as he rubbed his face and glared at her. ‘Are you crazy?’ he shouted as he grabbed her hand. Without wasting any time, she poured the remaining water in the jug on his face. ‘What the…’ She stopped him in between as she said, ‘It was to calm you down.’ She caught him looking all around the room as she smirked and said, ‘Don’t try to repeat what I have done.’ She saw him glaring as he inched the distance between them. She ran till the door as she laughed and said, ‘I’ll be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. Make it fast.’

He saw her laughing as he stood there mesmerised. Before he could hold her in his arms, she had shut the door behind her and he decided to get ready. He opened the shower as the water droplets clung to his body making a way downwards after trailing down his chiseled body. He had decided to accompany her to John’s house as she had finally succeeded in laying her hands on his address. He remembered when they had checked into this hotel yesterday. He was ecstatic when they were told that only one room was there but he had hidden his happiness from her. He reminisced how he was literally staring at her sleeping face when he had gone to sleep on the couch. She had occupied every place in his heart and mind, not even leaving his dreams. Dreams… he was dreaming about her only when she had poured the water on him. He realized that she was waiting for him. He hurriedly came out of the shower as he got dressed up in a snap and went out of the room.

[The sisters… SeShi]

It had been nearly a week since they had not talked to each other too often. She had just woken up when she smelt something burning as she went to her sister’s study room. She saw the torn mask in her sister’s hand, being engulfed by the flames. Sesha turned as she saw Shivanya standing at the door. Her hands left the mask as she came out of the room and sat on the sofa. It had been 10 minutes and they both were searching on for words to say. Shivanya decided to break this silence as she started to say something. But before she could say anything, she heard her sister saying, ‘Please Shivanya. I don’t want to listen that thing again. I know and I agree that I did wrong with Rithik. I realize my mistake… I realize that how wrong I was in thinking that the whole family should be punished for what Ankush Raheja did. I was even wrong when I shot Ankush because eventually I became like him. I know a sorry cannot… But I just cannot bear this air of animosity and silence between us. I accept all my mistakes and if possible please forgive me.’

She saw her sister folding her hands in front of her. She ran up to her as she hugged her. They wiped off each other’s tear as finally Shivanya said, ‘I’m going di.’ Sesha looked at her in utter confusion as she told her about her plans to escape from this city. She was going away from this place which had given her so much and had also snatched so much. ‘My flight is in the evening,’ she said to Sesha. Sesha tried to stop her but she was not the one to buzz off from her stance. ‘Shall I talk to him…’ Shivanya held her sister’s hand before she could finish her statement. She nodded her head in a no as they again embraced each other.

[Arshi and John]

They both were standing outside waiting for someone to open the door. They heard the latch sound of the door as it finally opened and they could see a girl standing before them. ‘We want to meet John,’ she said to the girl in front of them. The girl made a way for them as they entered in the room and looked at the man in front of them. Arnav uttered, ‘John’ as he saw him crippled on a wheelchair. John’s expressions changed as he saw them there. He lowered his eyes while they sat on the chairs kept there. ‘You know John why we are here and I want to know the entire truth.’ John heard her saying as he looked at him. ‘I assure that no harm will befall you and your family,’ Arnav reassured him.

He apologised as he said and continued his narration. She interrupted as she said, ‘I know that. I want to know how he died?’ her words were reflecting her pain. ‘Rahul came that day to me and he told me about the warning which Arnav sir had given him. I… I told this to them and they ordered me to convince him. That day, I had gone to meet him to convince him. Soon afterwards, one of them entered the room as he murdered Rahul in a way that it would appear that he had done suicide. I was afraid as they had threatened me and I had then decided to leave the place.’ She handed him over Rahul’s suicide note and questioned him. ‘I had kept it there. They had hired a handwriting expert who had written this so that no one can guess that Rahul had not written this.’

She stood up from the chair as she was unable to listen anything now. She walked out as a layer of tears formed in her eyes. He followed her as he called out to her. But she was just heeding straight. He grabbed her hand as he pulled her back. She kept her head on his chest as she broke down. He wrapped his arms around her as he never wanted to let her go. ‘I’m sorry’, she sobbed as she said. ‘I don’t want it. And I’ll punish you now. You have to now turn all the losses which my company incurred into profits.’ She came out of his embrace as she heard him and gave a faint smile.

[Rithik and Tanvi]

He was leaning on the chair as he was rocking it sideways. He flipped the pages as he counted the number of pages left. He returned to the page he was reading. ‘30 minutes and I’m stuck on this line.’ He closed the file as he threw it on the table. Though he had returned to his office yet he was unable to concentrate on anything. ‘Why can’t I get over her?’ he muttered as he tried closing his eyes but stopped himself as he knew that he would see her only, even after closing his eyes. He turned his eyes towards the door as he saw Tanvi entering. She took a seat in front of him as she said, ‘I’m sorry Rithik if you felt that I have created any problems for you and her.’ She didn’t have the courage to accept what she had done in Shivanya’s event. He looked at her confused as he was unable to make out what she was trying to convey.

She looked at his confusion as she said, ‘leave that. I am leaving today but is there any problem between you and Shivanya because I didn’t see her when I visited your home and I went to meet her today at ANYA but I came to know that she had not come to work from a week.’

‘Yes, everything is fine.’

‘One minute, I came to know from her staff that she is leaving from this city forever and she has also wrapped up all her work. It was their last day of work.’

He looked at her shocked as she left the place wishing him goodbye. He leaped from his chair as he ran. ‘Cancel all the meetings,’ he ordered his manager as he ran down the stairs, seeing all the elevators engaged. Somewhere he wanted to stop, but his heart wanted to run and cover all the distance between him and her.


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