Naagin- In my heart (Episode 3)


Hi Brity. It’s ok but I’m sorry as I have imagined the upcoming tracks together only. I’ll be glad if you imagine any other onscreen couple instead of ArShi whom you like. Thanks Hayathi and Tom. Sorry everyone as today’s ff will be short as I want to know whether you are liking it together or not before proceeding any further.
Let’s get started…

Recap: Rithik and Khushi’s friendship and entry of Shivanya as a fashion designer.

He paced the room as he kept looking at the door waiting impatiently. He then picked up his phone and called someone. ‘5 minutes sir’, a voice on the other side replied. He then went near the window and looked down on the streets of New York. This tender was really important for him and he had invested all his time and hard- work. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

His manager came in. ‘Sir we are all ready.’
‘Good Mr. Mehta. Let’s go. I want this tender at any cost. We are having foreign investors this time. I don’t want it to be like the previous one.’ Anger rose within him as he remembered what happened the previous time. He calmed himself and went to attend the meeting.

In the meeting

Everyone had gathered. He saw Mr. Gupta, manager of Durga Group of Companies, in front of him. He scanned the room to find someone but he didn’t get any intuition of the one he was looking for.

‘I think he again has not come Sir.’ He glanced at Mr. Mehta as he uttered those words.
‘I know sir you are looking for the CEO of Durga Companies. To be frank no one has seen him. Only his few trusted aides know about him.’

Everyone went silent as the meeting began. After an hour, a man stood and addressed the gathering and announced the winner of that tender to be Durga Group of Companies. He saw as Mr. Gupta happily stood and went towards the investor. He stopped his manager as he stood to protest this. He came out Along with his manager.
‘Why did you stop me sir?’

‘Maybe you don’t remember but I remember everything. The previous time…He took the tender meant for me and this time too. You had protested at that time too about the fact that how could they trust someone whom they have not seen. But he proved everyone wrong. That man…he is known for his efficiency and everyone trust him in such a short time. I will not spare him.’

Saying so he moved towards the lift when suddenly a voice stopped him. He turned back and saw Mr. Gupta. Mr. Gupta’s smile was like a stab to him.
‘Mr. Arnav this is a small message from our CEO,’ and he handed the note to him and left.

The scribbled words on the note were-
Hello Mr. Arnav,
Congratulations for your defeat for the second time. Well this is just a beginning. Don’t get disheartened as you have to witness more such defeats. Gather yourself because you won’t be able to handle others.

Arnav crumbled the note and threw it in the dustbin. He imagined that person laughing at his condition. He grinded his teeth, his eyes bloodshot red as he uttered the two words ‘Let’s leave’.


Credit to: saya

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