Naagin- In my heart (Episode 29)


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Seconds is what it took change every dimension of their life. Everyone standing there new that something is definitely going to change in their life.


She had just fired three bullets from her gun with her steady hands. She smirked as she felt relieved in avenging her parent’s death. She saw them lying in front of her. She had fired two bullets towards Ankush…one which had pierced his chest and the other had made a hole in his body somewhere near the first one. Besides him was lying his son injured by her one bullet. She had fired one bullet towards Rithik also. Though only Ankush was responsible, yet she wanted to destroy his whole family as they had destroyed her and her sister’s childhood and innocence. A tear formed as she realized that she had killed someone although they were her enemies. However, she wiped it off and now she was ready to face any consequence. She felt a piercing pain in her stomach as the sound of a gun fire hit her. She lifted her hand as she clutched her stomach. She removed her hand as she brought it in front of her eyes and witnessed her hand smeared in red, by her own blood. She turned her face as she looked towards the person who had fired the bullet. She saw Khushi standing there with a gun in her hands as tears were streaming down her eyes. Before another bullet could make a way out of the muzzle, two firm hands touched her palms and lifted them up. Another sound was heard but this time no one was wounded as the bullet from Khushi’s gun made its way through the sky. She saw Arnav holding her hand as he had prevented her. Her eyelashes drooped down as she closed her eyes and felt her body crumbling.


She was standing there still not being able to take in what has just occurred. On one hand was her sister and on the other hand, her love. Both were battling for their life and she felt something tearing her apart from within. She felt numb as she stood there transfixed. Finally, she gathered her courage and ran up to where her sister was lying. She dropped her body as she sat on her knees and lifted her sister’s head gently with her cupped hands. She placed it on her lap as she wanted to shout out to her. Letters neither formed words nor came out of her mouth. Her hands turned cold as she shook her sister’s shoulder. She was not even in a right frame of mind. Her sister was the only support in her life after her parents had left her. She was now not in a position to lose her. She reminisced all the moments between them and grabbed her hand firmly. She heard a siren as she turned to look towards the two ambulances arriving there. She walked along as her sister was being escorted on a stretcher till the ambulance. She never left her hand for a moment and she had decided to never leave it even for a moment, come what may.


She looked at Arnav who had prevented her from harming another person from her gun. She averted her gaze as her hands drooped and her palms let go off the gun. She ran towards Rithik as she cupped his face and shook him gently. ‘Please wake up Rithik. You don’t have the right to leave me alone. You cannot leave everyone alone like this.’ She remembered Rahul and now Rithik. She didn’t want to lose him. Tears streamed down her eyes as she crouched and placed her head on his shoulder. ‘Who will be there to understand the reason of my happiness before I say it? Who will stop me from making faces?’ she muttered as she closed her eyes. The sound of sirens caught her attention as she looked at the ambulance stopping. She followed Rithik as his and his father’s body was carried till the ambulance. She saw Sesha being escorted along with Shivanya. ‘I’ll not leave these sisters.’


He saw his love lying on the ground wincing in pain. He looked at her blood stained hand as he once again encountered the same feeling. He had felt the pain of losing her but not now. He moved a step forwards but then stopped himself as he retrieved his phone from the confines of the pocket of his jeans. He dialled the number as he called the ambulance. He wiped away the tear with his finger as she looked towards him with partially closed eyes. He saw the ambulance stopping as his eyes fell on the gun lying there. He grabbed it as he hid it. He moved a few step backwards as his rotating eyeballs checked out everyone’s movement. He threw the gun down the cliff, erasing the weapon of crime forever. He ran towards the stretcher as he grabbed her one hand which was hanging down. He entered the ambulance along with them.


He had been unsuccessful in preventing her from firing one bullet but now he was determined to prevent her from firing another one. He caught her gaze as he could very well understand her feelings through her eyes. Her eyes were definitely the most expressive. He saw her running away as she had kneeled down in front of Rithik. He felt his eyes moistening up as he could feel her pain. He heard the ambulance coming as he quickly let go off the coat which was till now on his hands. The coat dropped in such a way that it covered the gun and prevented it to catch anyone’s attention. He scanned his surroundings as he saw Karan moving backwards. He averted his gaze before Karan could realize that someone had noticed him. He swiftly bent down as he picked up his coat along with the gun. He threw the gun down the cliff as he was relieved after erasing the weapon of crime. He rushed as he took a place in the ambulance opposite to Khushi.


He was lying on the ground as he could feel the pain. He had expected that Shivanya would at least glance at him but she had her full concentration on her sister and he didn’t mind that. He looked at his father lying at a distance of three feet. He extended his arm as he tried to reach out to him but he was losing his strength. He saw Khushi running up to him as she cupped his face. He closed his eyes as he was unable to think anything. He felt her forehead on his shoulder as he heard her sobs. He was losing control on his senses as he was unable to make out what she was saying to him. He felt his body being lifted and placed on a stretcher. He felt himself standing at the juncture of life and death. He drifted into a sleep from where what lays ahead, even he was not sure.


The sun had been a witness to all these and finally it had hidden himself from everyone’s sight, not being able to see the enmity between all his children. He had closed his eyes not wanting to see this bloodshed. The sky was clear as not even the moon wanted to come out. Though it had no choice, yet it decided to delay and be in its slumber for a while. He felt his eyelashes to be heavy and his arms to in pain. He had delayed the process of stretching his arms thus spreading its light and had also delayed the process of opening his eyes thus rising from above the horizon. The door of the ambulance was shut as again the siren sound started ringing and the ambulances rushed to their destination. Everyone’s heart was filled with pain, either feeling the pain of their loved ones or undergoing the pain of losing them.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Hi says I loved ur ff so much I one of a silent reader. Today episode is awesome I have tear in my eye. I love it, plus update regularly.

    1. Hi Maya. Thanks dear for reading and liking my ff and I’ll try to be regular.

  2. Very nice…. I loved karan and arnav’s point of view of saving their loved ones….but I hate shivanya she would have at leased gazed rithik … Rithik was shot because of shivanya’s sister but she didn’t even see him..

  3. I was crying reading your update loved it saya pls unite them I just cant see rithik and Shivanya Separate from each other .update soon dear

  4. Thanks Shruthi and Raisha. They’ll definitely unite.

  5. very nic update saya… u r truly an amazing writer… just try to be regular…

  6. nice pls update regularly

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