Naagin- In my heart (Episode 28)


Hello everyone. Here we go…

Recap: Shivanya, Karan and Khushi ready to fire at any point of time, flashbacks of the two weeks that had changed them in a certain perspective.

[The sisters- SeShi]

The place which they had occupied just a few minutes ago was now not anymore a secluded place. A screeching sound had hit their eardrums but still no one averted their gaze to look out for the person who had just arrived there. A figure moved up to where she was standing and kept a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged her shoulder but the grip on her became firmer. She lowered her gun as she was hit upon by a realization. That touch… that was definitely of her sister. She turned her face as her hands let go off the gun. A layer of un- shed tears covered her eyes as she recognized the person in front of her. She embraced the person as she uttered, ‘Sesha Di.’ Sesha caressed her hairs as her one hand slightly patted her and comforted her. They broke the hug as Sesha looked at Karan lovingly. She turned back as she thanked Arnav for helping her.

She remembered the way she had escaped in the nick of time. She had come outside of her apartment when a blast had happened, which had rendered her unconscious. She had gained consciousness the next day and had found herself in a hospital. Arnav had explained how he had found her unconscious when he was returning, after meeting a person. He had then taken her to a hospital. She had decided to keep all this a secret as she had wanted to find out the person behind this conspiracy.

A gentle touch on her shoulder brought her back to the place where she was standing. She looked at Karan’s hand as she smiled at him. A clank sound was heard as she noticed the gun in Karan’s hand slipping from his hand. She looked at Rithik and Ankush standing there in front of her. Her eyes became red as she saw a look of relief pass on Ankush’s face. Without losing a moment, she bent down as she grabbed one of the guns lying there. Before anyone could sense anything, sounds of firing of four bullets filled the environment. The birds which were till now resting in their nests were disturbed by these noises as they fluttered their wings and plunged into the vast sky before them. A look of distraught crossed their faces as devoured in the scene before them.

Hi janvi. The problem with precaps is- I had never intended to right epi 26 (Rivanya going to a party). But I wrote since my readers wanted to read about them . So, basically I develop the plot of the next epi few hours before I write that epi. I might not deliver what I write in precap.

Credit to: saya

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  1. That’s perfectly fine saya… the episode was amazing.. no words to express… thanks for d update dear…. keep writing.. stay blessed…

  2. Super episode:)the way you connecting the characters was super:-)i like your writting:-)

  3. love ur writing saya

  4. Ya loved the episode, nice writing skills saya

  5. Wow…nice episode saya …loving or writing ……keep it up

  6. Thanks janvi, Dhivya, Sona, Neha and Shagun. 🙂 :-). I thought you wouldn’t like as it was a short epi and also I was not in the mood to write this epi. Thanks a ton. Also, I’m taking a break of 1- 2 days. Love you all.

  7. hey saya this is nisha …
    can u write badtameez dil n qubool hai sahil ‘s episodes….like this …u r really an amazing writer.

    1. Hi nisha. I’ll think about that after this ff. 🙂

  8. nice episode

  9. my favourite show is nagin. I love the characters of nagin. The most most loving episodes. love u who has made this show.

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