Naagin- In my heart (Episode 27)

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Recap: Rivanya going to a party, memories of that bloodshed haunting her’ Rivanya’s tiff.

Two weeks later
[Rithik and…]

The sun had a few hours to reign and hold onto its supremacy on the sky before giving way to the moon. The whole sky was painted in light blue as the orange hue of the sun was battling it out with the blue colour of the sky. He pushed the brake of the force with all his might as the car came to a halt screeching. He flung open the door as he jumped out of his car and rushed to where his father was standing. ‘Stop Rithik,’ Khushi came out from the other side and screamed as she saw him running towards his father in order to help him. Their car was followed by one more car and her security guards jumped out of the vehicle. They ran behind her as they all gathered at the spot.

He gasped in the air as it took him a while to understand the situation. His father was standing near the edge of a cliff. A few steps and everything would shatter for him. He grabbed the arm of his father as they looked at each other. A silence had engulfed the area as everyone was just focussed on their mission. He looked at Shivanya who was standing in front of his father at a certain distance. Her arms were outstretched in front of her as her palms were handling a gun, the muzzle pointed towards his father. ‘What the hell is this Shivanya?’ He shouted at her, the fear of losing his father making him weak and that too by the hands of his love. He stared into her eyes but only an emptiness reflected from them.

A stoic look had replaced her beautiful features. She was not his Shivanya, with whom he had fallen in love. For him, she was not the one who could harm anyone without any strong reason. His thoughts were disturbed by a moving person besides her. He looked at the man standing beside her who had just took out a gun, pointing the muzzle towards him. He turned his head and looked at Khushi who had just uttered, ‘Karan.’ He looked at the man standing in front of him and guessed it to be Karan. He was transfixed as he was unable to understand the motive behind their actions. His love was pointing the muzzle towards his father and Karan, whom he had never met before, towards him. He saw Khushi moving towards her guards as she snatched a gun from one of their hands and pointed it towards Shivanya. ‘Khushi’, he let out a slight scream astounded by her actions. Khushi’s guard followed suite as they pointed their guns towards Shivanya and Karan.

‘Drop your guns,’ Khushi uttered shifting her gaze from Shivanya to Karan and then back to her lest they tried to counterattack. He devoured in the scene in front of him helplessly, not wanting any one of them to get hurt.


Flashback- Part I
Two weeks earlier [ The sisters…SeShi]

‘A… whose name it could be?’ She had seen her sister’s finger fiddling with her locks. She had been sitting on the sofa as her hands had been all this while resting on her thighs and her palms had cupped her face. ‘Shivanya’, her sister had uttered as she had looked up to her. She had stared at her sister as she heard her utter, ‘Aman. He might know the second person.’ Their eyes had twinkled as they had passed a smile to each other. ‘I cannot stay with you,’ her sister had uttered. Her eyeballs had popped out listening this. Seeing her distraught face, Sesha had uttered in a low voice, ‘I’m all over the newspaper and that second person might be searching for me. You don’t worry I’ll stay in some rented house and it is only for a short span. We’ll finish this soon.’ They both had embraced each other for the last time as Sesha had pulled her out of her embrace. They both had started living separately contacting each other only through rare occasional messages. But fate had something else in store for them.

Aman had went for a meeting and was expected to return after 10 days. She had cut herself off from Rithik for some time and had immersed herself completely in her work. Those 10 days took a lot of time for them to pass by. Finally, it was their day, the day which was there to end this chase. Sesha had went along with Karan to meet Aman. She had been sitting ideally looking at her phone time and again. A beam of excitement had lit her face as her phone had rang. She had picked up her phone and the excitement on her face had vanished in a jiffy. It was one of her client. She had decided to go back to her house. She had taken an unusual long route as she had stopped in front of Raheja’s house. She had come out of her car as she had hesitatingly moved towards his house. ‘He would not be at home,’ she had muttered as she had entered his house and had searched for his mother. She had then moved towards his parent’s room in order to hand over the dress she was carrying. The smell of pleasant air was replaced by a strange smell.

She had moved in the direction of the smell as she had witnessed the seen before her eyes in utter shock. ‘Mask’, she had muttered under her breath as she saw Ankush burning the torn mask. She had moved a few steps back as she stealthily moved away from there. She had handed over the package to one of the servants as she had rushed out from there. She had then picked up her phone to call her sister. ’10 missed calls.’ She had uttered as she had driven rashly on the streets and had halted her car in front of her sister’s rented house.

A blast had rocked her as she had witnessed her sister’s rented room in flames. She had lost her consciousness and she had found herself in her house when she had gained her senses. She had cried her heart out. It had taken her 3 days to compose herself a bit. She had searched everywhere for her sister but to no avail. Finally, she had asked Karan to help her. By his efforts, she was successful in bringing Ankush to this secluded place and now she would avenge.


Flashback- Part II
5 days earlier [Sesha & Karan]

He had been waiting for her there since a long time. It was pitch dark that day. He had seen a light flickering as he had seen her coming from behind with a lighter in her hand. That was the day when she had narrated him her entire life story and her mission. He had wiped away the tear that had rolled down her eyes through his fingers and had promised to help her in each step. The next day he had accompanied her to Aman’s house in an auto. It had been really tough for them to make him spill the beans. But some of his secrets had worked in their favour. ‘Ankush Raheja’. They had listened to him as he had uttered. They both had come out of his house and had again hired an auto. She had been continuously trying to call Shivanya but she was not there to pick up her phone. She had feared that her sister might be in danger.

Upon her insistence, he had left for Shivanya’s place. But she was not there also. He had rushed to Sesha’s rented apartment as he had felt his entire world crumbling. He had felt his decision of leaving Sesha alone a wrong move. He had seen Shivanya lying on the ground seeing her sister’s home in flames. He had placed her in the car and had brought her back to her home. He had then talked to every neighbour of hers. Not a single person was there who had seen Sesha leaving the place. Not even the people of fire department and police were able to help him. He had done all he could in those 3 days but she had not left a single trace behind her. He had then decided to help Shivanya in bringing Ankush to this secluded place and avenge.

Flashback- Part III
A couple of hours ago [Kkhushi and Rithik]

She had been listening to him intently as he had narrated the entire event that had happened two weeks earlier. She had comforted him and coaxed him to talk to her but this time he wanted Shivanya to take a step forward. She had seen the pain in his eyes. For her, after Rahul he was not only a best friend but like a brother. She had decided to talk to Shivanya and bridge the gap between them. She could do anything for him and had decided to alleviate all his problems. She had looked at him confused as he had read the message he had received. Before she could ask him anything, he had rushed from there. She had followed him and took a seat beside him. He had raced his car as he had narrated his father’s message. His father had messaged him the location and had asked him to come there to help him.


The silence which had engulfed the place was still persistent with only the sounds of their deep breath audible to them. They had still their arms stretched with a gun in their hands. Their fingers moved simultaneously as they pulled the trigger, ready to fire at any point of time.

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