Naagin- In my heart (Episode 26)


Hello everyone. I think this epi is short. I was busy and have updated today only for rivanya. Also not proof read!!

Recap: Arshi moments


She was standing there in a corner looking out at all the arrangements. She asked the waiter to halt as she picked up a glass containing a soft drink. She flicked back her tresses which had fallen in front blocking her view. The glass touched her lips as she sipped the drink. She looked at him busy talking with his friends. She had not wanted to come here, in his friend’s birthday party but he had insisted her. Upon his insistence, she had agreed to accompany him and found it just perfect for the change she needed at this moment. Although she was present there, yet her mind was wandering. She handed over the empty glass back to the waiter as she was thinking about her sister. Her sister had just assured her that she would be fine and had then left the place. Whether Suri’s death was a victory or not was a question for her. She looked at him as he passed a smile to her. He left his friend’s company as he took a position besides her. Before anyone of them could say anything to each other, a darkness swept the entire area. They held each other’s hand as he slid his hand on her waist.

She felt immense pleasure at this closeness. Soon the room was lit by the disco lights dangling on the roof. Various hues of colors were making their presence felt at the center of the room. Soon a loud music made its presence felt there. She lifted both her hands and closed her ears in an effort to prevent the music from banging her eardrums. Soon the place had turn a battleground for her as she visualized lifeless bodies lying there. She closed her eyes putting in all her efforts. She knew that her mind needed some time to come out of this situation. Neither her hands nor her shut eyes were helping her in any way. She felt the need to escape out of here but before her feet could carry her off from there, she felt the warmth of a hand on her cold arms. She brought her hands down and opened her eyes to look towards him. He was looking down upon her with a look of concern in his eyes. She reassured him still she wanted to go away from there.

He had placed his hand on her arms and wanted to find to find out the reason of her behavior. She had passed on him a reassuring look. He held her hand as he wanted to take her out of here seeing the visible discomfort on her face. He had moved only a step towards the gate far away from where they were standing when suddenly his friend blocked their way. They could make out his drunken state from his gait. He pushed Rithik center stage where many of them were moving with the music. Her hand was held by him and she too got dragged there with him. The more she wanted to move away from this place, the more she was being dragged into this situation. Frustration made way into her hand as she jerked his hand off her and stormed off. He trailed behind her as he stopped her and looked questioningly at her.

The way she had jerked his hand… he was too astounded to utter anything. Finally, he decided to question her and prodded her for all her actions. What could she say to him? He glared at her, no more being able to take her silence as her answer. She was continuously averting the eye contact which he wanted to make. She knew that she would not be able to lie to him. He nodded his hand seeing her stubbornness as they both moved towards his car and drove off. The entire journey was filled with an air of tension. He was shooting angry glares at her and she was searching for words…the words she was about to say to him. She leaned a little forward as he had applied brake. She waited for him to open the door for him as he always used to do. Seeing no movement from him she herself did this. She moved over to his side as she looked at him across the window. She gently tapped on the window as he brought it down. ‘I need a break from this relationship. Don’t drop any message or call for me.’ She had uttered these last words.

He was too dumbstruck to do anything. By the time he figured out her message, she was not there. He looked at her apartment as the windows reflected the light indicating that she had reached her room. He turned the keys as he started his car and drove off from there neither wanting to face her nor question her. He wanted a peace of mind before his raging anger would make things worse for their relation.

She had removed her curtains slightly and had looked up to him as she saw him driving off. ‘Sorry Rithik. I wanted to be away from you for some time. I cannot tell you the reason right now.’ She had muttered under her breath as a tear rolled down her cheeks onto the floor.

Sorry to all those who wanted to read some lovely moments between them.

Credit to: saya

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  2. Nice episode n its ok dear kaya, in love nok jhok is obvio n if its nt present then the story becomes dull n boring…nice work done

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  3. It was lovely! Why u sorry?! And this is without proofreading, goodness! It’s perfect!

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