Naagin- In my heart (Episode 25)


Hello everyone. Feeling really nice on writing my 25th episode. This is because of you all. Thanks a lot for reading and liking my ff. Here we go…

Recap: Sesha confronting Suri, a bullet piercing Suri’s chest and his death, next morning newspaper headlines with sesha’s photo, Ankush remembering hiring a shooter for murder of Suri, Ankush leaving for a week for some work, Lavanya getting arrested for kidnapping Khushi


She was standing in a room as her pointed legs were supporting her. She lifted her leg as she stretched it and swayed her hands. She jumped and twirled in air as she landed her feet firmly on the ground. She was enjoying ballet as she moved her body gracefully. She lifted her hand to rotate it but something had held her hand stopping her. She turned herself to face him and leaped into his arms. He twirled her as she remained there, in his embrace. She felt the warmth of his skin on her forehead as he had kissed her. She was unable to control this surge of emotions which she was experiencing for the first time. He was now able to feel her soft skin on his cheek as she gave him a peck.

She woke up with a jerk as she breathed heavily. She rested her elbow on her thigh as she supported her forehead. She chided herself for thinking about him. ‘How can you dream about that Arnav? And that too such a dream.’ She closed her eyes and opened them again in a second as she was hit upon by a realization. ‘How can this happen?’ All these years whenever she would wake up from her dream, it had to be about Rahul. But this…this was totally unacceptable for her. She was perplexed and this dream of hers had really astounded her. She threw her body on the bed as she pulled the sheets over her. ‘I should try to find out what happened 3 years ago.’ All these years she had never tried to find out exactly what happened between Rahul and Arnav, believing her brother more than herself. It was not that her notions had changed or her belief on her brother had diminished but somewhere in her heart she wanted to travel down those lanes which she had forbidden earlier under the fear of hurting herself more. ‘Yes, I’ll find out’, a determination reflecting from her voice. A beep sound diverted her attention to her phone as she picked it up and opened her inbox. ‘3 in the night and he is messaging me at this time.’ She opened his message as she read, ‘Do you love doing ballet?’ Her eyeballs remained fixated at this line as she wondered at his thought behind this message. ‘What the hell? Why only this question? Dream!!’ She nodded her head in a no and removed all these thoughts. She kept her phone back on the bed side table as she muttered, ‘Why should I tell him about me?’ She clutched the sheets as sleep got hold of her.


He was tossing and turning in his bed as his every movement shrivelled the bedsheet beneath him. This was the twentieth time he was picking up his phone. ‘No notification,’ he muttered yet he opened his messages and was disappointed by not seeing any new message. He opened his last message as he read the contents, ‘Do you love doing ballet?’ He had seen her doing ballet in his dream as they both had then eventually given a peck to each other. He touched his cheek remembering her touch. He had typed the message with great difficulty, pondering a thousand times before finally hitting the send button. He looked at the time. 3:30 and he was now sure that she wouldn’t reply to him. He kept the phone back disheartened as her thoughts flooded his mind. ‘Wait,’ he muttered as a glint of hope shone in his eyes. He grinned thinking that she definitely might be sleeping and hence has not replied. He closed his eyes content with this thought. He was falling for her and he liked this fact. ‘But why does she hate me? I’ll definitely remove this hatred from her heart and I’ll find out the reason of her hatred?’ The last thought in his mind before sleep took over his senses.


Credit to: saya

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  1. woww..let them fall for each other soon,make her misundrstnding clear

  2. And the 25th one is absolutely Fantastic; loved it!!! Congrats too!

  3. Thanks ritika & sona

  4. Why there are no rivanya scenes from two episodes???….
    Please write about them too…

  5. Well….congrats for the 25th episode saya….

  6. Nice….plz put some rivanya scenes

  7. Hey saya..
    I found the link of ur ff yesterday while reading naagin’s update n i read al d episodes from starting n cant express that how amazing is this ff..
    I read al cmmnts that u got n i knw u r bored of hearing that u r a very good writer bt still dis is the truth dear..
    The story line up, its al characters n most importantly ur way of describing, al r jst superb..
    Waiting fr the next part dear…

    1. Hi Neha. Thanks for reading and liking my ff. All of your response do make my day. A big thanks to you all.

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