Naagin- In my heart (Episode 23)

Hello guys…back with another episode. So here we go…

Recap: Shivanya showcasing her designs in the fashion week, backing out of her showstopper and she filling in the shoes; Lavanya meeting her hired goon and their conversation recorded by Karan; Karan escaping from their eyes and being saved by Sesha; meeting of Khushi and Karan.

[The sisters- Sesha and shivanya]

She could hear her heartbeat in this serene silence. One boulder was not enough to conceal her completely from everyone’s eyes so she changed her place and hid behind two boulders. She was frequently changing her position in order to make herself comfortable as a numbness was gripping her limbs. She had been waiting there from the past hour. A feeling of being caught by those people had resulted in the formation of droplets on her forehead. Her back arched as a sound hit her eardrums. She slowly turned her head as she saw the movement of a dog at a certain distance. She watched him as he looked at her and again lied on the comforting sand. She was quite sure of the place where she was hidden. But to calm her unsettled mind, she again crawled and reached behind another boulder, the place she considered to be more safe, and crouched there. She looked up at the sky. The moon had snatched the darkness that had engulfed the sky and was spreading its calm light everywhere. The moon had arisen a hope in her as she decided to wait there, irrespective of the time.

Time was passing by but she didn’t buzz off from there. She decided to stretch out her aching body and relieve them from this pain. She stretched her arms and legs and quickly retrieved them towards her body. Even a minute for her was taking a long time to pass off. Her head lurched forward and hit the boulder. She touched her forward as she saw a blood drop on her fingers and chided herself for dozing off. She moved closer to the boulder as she heard the screeching sound of the cars. She controlled the device in the lair in-front of her with the remote control in her hand. She turned her wrist slightly as she saw the time to be 2 am. She saw the men in front of her along with Suri entering the lair. A few of them stopped as they stood outside the lair to guard it. She ducked her head behind the boulder as she saw those guards looking in her direction.

All the men in the lair were busy discussing about the deals unaware of the tiny drone stuck to the ceiling. Her sister was controlling its features as she was getting a clear sound of their conversation with a live feedback of their photos being snapped by the drone. She was surrounded by a few people in their uniforms as their eyes widened listening to their conversation. She smirked as she heard them heading their conversation to an end. ‘I got to know about this meeting after tracking Mr. Suri’s phone. I had a hint of his illegal activities and moreover unveiling the mask of such people is my job.’ She uttered with confidence as she shook hand with the inspector in front of her. ‘Thank you Miss. Sesha. The rest we and the judiciary will handle.’

She stopped them as she handed over them some documents. ‘I think the case of the death of a journalist and his wife, 20 years ago, should be reopened again.’ The inspector saw all the documents as he felt a connection between that murder and Suri. He went out followed by other policemen and Sesha as they drove off to the destination.

Shivanya was waiting for their conversation to end as she her phone flashing. She opened her inbox as she read her sister’s message. She heard foot taps as she guessed that their meeting had ended. She thought of peeping across the boulder but any wrong move could affect everything and so she remained there motionless.

The serene silence of the place was filled with the sounds of firing as the smell of burnt gun powder filled the air and made her shrivel her nose. She witnessed the policemen and the drug mafia people playing hide and seek and firing rounds of bullets. She ducked back herself again as the sound of firing kept banging on her eardrums for more than 30minutes. A sudden silence had again filled the environment as she heard running sounds of people. She saw her sister standing there as she felt the need to be in her embrace. ‘Don’t come out in front of everyone. Wait for my call.’ These words of her sister were ringing in her ears. At that time, she sounded to her just like her mother. She grabbed the remote control as she again manoeuvred her drone and brought it back to her.

Sesha was standing there witnessing everything unfolding before her. She caught a glimpse of her sister behind the boulder as she eyed her and directed her to retrieve back at her hiding place. She again looked in front of her as she saw a few bodies of the people of mafia and policemen lying lifeless on the ground. The situation was now under her control or to put it more correctly, under the control of the police. She saw the remaining few people being arrested as she walked up to Suri handcuffed and being accompanied by a policeman. She lifted her hand as with an impact it landed on his cheek. He glared at her as he stroked his cheek.


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