Naagin- In my heart (Episode 22)

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Recap: Khushi’s dream of that fateful night, Arnav and Khushi’s conversation, Lavanya’s plan, Rivanya’s moment.


Clack, clack, clack…the sound had filled the surroundings as models were walking on the ramp, one after the other displaying their outfits. The spotlight was tracking them as they walked with an elegant poise. All her 9 models knew their sequence and were eagerly waiting for their turns. She was standing backstage, having a last glance at her creations. She glanced at the mannequin standing right next to her, adorned with one of her best creation. She turned her head towards the whispering sounds and the hope in her eyes had started sheening away. She crossed her fingers and made a fist as she started brainstorming to hit upon any solution to this problem. Her showstopper had backed out at the last moment. She felt as if someone had whisked away the floor from beneath her. It was the first opportunity for ANYA, for her to showcase herself, to provide a huge platform to her creations but everything seemed fading away. She looked boggled as her first model went on the ramp. She took out her phone as she fidgeted with the contacts list. ‘How can anyone come here at this short time?’ the thought filled her mind as she kept her phone back.

‘And now the showstopper of “Anya”’
The announcement was made as everyone looked at the ramp. The photographers were ready with their cameras on, ready to capture the moment. She grabbed the centre-stage as she walked and covered the entire length of the ramp. Everyone looked astonished as they had not expected her to walk the room. She tread back the distance she had covered and joined the models.

‘A big round of applause for Miss. Shivanya for creating these masterpieces.’

She again graced the ramp with her presence as all of them followed suit. She looked at him as he was sitting in the front row. He winked at her as a playful smile lightened his features. She looked away from him and away from all the distractions he was likely to cause for her. Her eyes met Tanvi’s eyes who was also present there. Tanvi forced herself in order to bring a smile on her lips. ‘How many times will luck favour you?’ Tanvi smirked as she saw her leaving the ramp.

‘Why are you looking tensed, Shivanya?’ he questioned her as he met her backstage after the event. He sensed the situation as he caressed her cheeks and uttered, ‘People will talk about this but you don’t need to worry. Is it necessary that a showstopper is only a model?’ She smiled listening to his conversation as they both shared a light moment.

[Lavanya & Sharan]

‘I have made sure everything goes as per your wish, Lavanaya ma’am. He will not utter a single word against you.’

She smiled listening to him as she took out a bundle of note from her purse and handed over it to him. ‘From now on, we don’t know each other.’ She turned to go but stopped and uttered, ‘Leave this place forever.’ He complied with what she said and replied positively. She looked from the corner of her eyes as she heard a ruffling sound. She turned back and ordered him to check out there.

He had been hiding all that time behind the bush and listening to all of their conversation. He had even clicked their pictures and recorded the conversation. He had lost his balance and stumbled causing the leaves to make a ruffling sound and he had heard her order his goon. He swiftly made out his way as he reached the road and hid himself behind a tree. He peeped out as he saw him searching for him. He looked at his bike kept farther away, safely. He decided against traversing the road to reach his bike. He lunged into the car which had stopped in front of him as he heaved a sigh of relief. He was pretty sure that they would never be able to search his bike and he would come there after sometime to take it.

He looked at the girl driving the car and began praising her, ‘I think god has left his most beautiful angel here. Am I dreaming or someone can be as beautiful as you are?’

‘Stop it Karan,’ her cheeks flushed as she replied to him.

‘Thank you, Sesha.’ He gleefully looked at her. He stopped himself again and scolded himself for losing his control. ‘Won’t you ask what I was doing?’

‘No,’ came her prompt reply. ‘When you don’t ask me my motives, then why would I ask you? You trust me and so do I.’

He listened to her reply as he was left overwhelmed and speechless.

‘Where should I drop you?’ She waited for his reply but seeing him lost she gently tapped his shoulder. ‘Where do you get lost every time? I had asked you your destination.’

‘Stop, stop, stop.’ Hearing his reply, she quickly applied the brakes. She looked at him confused as he waved her bye and got off her car. He saw her drove off and kept staring until his eyes were unable to view her car.

[khushi and…]

She was in her room working on her laptop just because of her buaji’s insistence. She wanted her to take some rest and she had no other option than to comply by what she had said. She heard her door open as she looked at her buaji entering with two muscular men behind. Her buaji started introducing them as she looked at all the proceedings unfolding before her, astounded. As both the men left to guard the house outside, she looked at her buaji with questioning eyes. ‘Double security Khushi and I won’t listen to you.’ She saw as her buaji ranted it out and left the room closing the doors behind.

After an hour,
He entered her room. This was the first time he was visiting her house. ‘Khushi ma’am,’ he uttered as he saw her standing near the window. She came near to him as he handed her the recorded clip and the pictures which he had clicked.

‘As you had said I enquired about the goon who has been caught by the police. He was seen roaming with this man frequently.’ He pointed out the man in the picture. He continued as he said, ‘I followed him and came to know all this.’ He explained to her everything as he played on the recording.

She heard everything as she uttered, ‘Thank you Karan’, she uttered as she handed him his payment. He descended the stairs as his eyes quickly scanned the room to look out for her buaji. Not finding her there, he ran and came out of the house. He gazed upwards as he thanked him for saving him from buaji’s volley of questions.

‘Does he know this?’ The last question which roamed in Khushi’s mind. She sat on the bed perplexed about his involvement.


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