Naagin- In my heart (Episode 2)


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Recap: Nature’s fury…a man’s accident in order to save himself from another one

He blinked his eyes as he tried to recognize his surroundings. But the throbbing pain in his head made him shut his eyes again. His hand touched his forehead as he sensed a bandage. He recalled all the events and again opened his eyes. Suddenly the voice of doctor caught his attention. ‘How are you feeling now?’ enquired the doctor.
‘I’m fine. Thank you doctor.’
‘Well you should actually thank her’, said the doctor pointing towards a girl. He saw her standing there besides the doctor with a smile on her lips.
‘We’ll discharge you tomorrow. Take care’, said the doctor as he left from there.

He managed with some difficulty to sit on the bed as she helped him.

‘Thank you so much Miss….’

‘Khushi. And you’re?’

‘Rithik. I’m really grateful to you.’

‘It’s really ok and I’m happy that you’re feeling better. Actually when I was passing from there, I saw your damaged car and behold, you’re here.

Rithik laughed at her dramatic expressions. ‘Actually I need one more favour from you. Can you please lend me your mobile…’

Hearing this she suddenly stood up from her chair with one hand on her forehead. ‘I think you should file a police complaint as when I searched I was unable to find out your phone.’

‘Are you always this dramatic?’ exclaimed Rithik holding back his laughter. ‘I forgot to take my phone along with me and left it in my office only. That’s why you were unable to find it.’

She rolled her eyes as she handed over her phone.

‘Thank you so much again’, said Rithik as he gave back her phone after a few minutes. ‘Friends…’

“Of course’. She extended her hand and had a firm handshake. Suddenly her phone started ringing and she excused herself. After a few minutes she came back. ‘I’m sorry my friend but I need to leave. It’s really urgent.’

‘It’s really ok. By the way, my family would be reaching here in around 10 minutes. But you’ll have to come tomorrow.’


And with this she went to do her urgent work.


A lady stood as she gazed at the name of the shop “ANYA- Look the Best”. ‘I hope the work is complete. Actually she is always on time and doesn’t leave any work pending’ she muttered as she excitedly entered the shop.

‘Where is your ma’am?’ she asked the staff girl working there. She moved towards the room the girl had pointed to.

‘You’re here. Where is the dress? You know I want to look the best in today’s party.’

‘I know Mrs. Claudia and here you go’ and she handed over the dress to her. She quickly went to the changing room and tried on the dress. Mrs. Claudia came back to her and exclaimed ‘It’s so pretty just like you’

‘Thank you Mrs. Claudia.’

‘You know what Shivanya you are one of the best and of course my favourite fashion designer and that’s why I wanted you to design my dress personally. This is one of your best design.’

‘Come on Mrs. Claudia. You say this for every design of mine.’

‘It’s not my fault, Shivanya. You are so talented. Well I’m getting late. I’ll catch up with you later and yes do take out time for us from your busy schedule.’

‘Yeah, sure’, she replied as both had a hug and she went. Shivanya stood there as a smile played on her lips.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Hey.. Saya.. Are you mixing Arshi and Ritiya (Ritivik and Shivanya)??

    1. yes. Hope you all are liking it.

      1. So Sorry dear… I like Ritivik and Shivanya but not Arshi That much…. Sorry if I hurt you by my words…

    2. Yes for now with a best friend bonding between rithik and khushi. Hope you all are liking it.

  2. Oh thats so sweet

  3. Hey wow arshi and ritiya together.awesome. when will u introduce arnav.really waiting for this ffs next update.hope u continue dis strategy .I just can say u all the best for ur ff saya and hope u bring lots of twists and entertainment in future.?☺?

  4. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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