Naagin- In my heart (Episode 19)


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Recap: Arshi’s meeting and they become business partner, Sesha and Shivanya’s inching closer towards their mission, marriage proposal for Khushi by Arnav’s dadi, Khushi reminiscing her moments with Rahul.

[Khushi’s buaji]

The front door of her house was open as her buaji was leaning on the wall and staring at the main gate in front. She started pacing in her house as she looked at the pendulum clung onto the wall. The time was 12pm. It had been an hour before when she had went outside. A feeling of uneasiness rose within her as the clock ticked away. She called in Khushi’s bodyguard as she started shouting on him, ‘What was the need to let her go out on her own? His head was hung low as he uttered, ‘Khushi ma’am had ordered me not to accompany her.’ She got furious as she ordered him to search for her and bring her back. She sat on the sofa as she held her forehead with her hands. She started becoming restless as time started flying.
She heard some footsteps as she ran up to the door. Tears welled in her eyes as she was unable to see any sign of Khushi. ‘I have checked all the places but I was unable to find Khushi ma’am.’ She had heard these words of Khushi’s bodyguard as she started feeling dizzy. She balanced herself and reached up to the landline kept on a small table.


He was sleeping with sheets draped over him when he heard his phone ringing. He felt his eyes too heavy as he reached out for his phone, still being in a sleepy state. He partly opened his eyes as he saw the name on the screen to be of Khushi’s buaji. He picked up the phone as he heard a trembling voice from another side. He was now wide awake as sleep had evaded his mind. He was intently listening to everything as he finally spoke at the end, ‘Don’t worry buaji I’ll find her.’ He jumped out of his bed as he headed in the same way towards his car. He sat behind the steering wheel as he searched at all the possible places he knew. He hit the steering wheel hard as he took his phone and again started calling her. Getting no response from her side, he became more tensed. Rithik started his car again and drove off to someone’s place.

[Arnav & Rithik]

It was past midnight. The air had gained momentum and was flowing in speed as it made a swooshing entry into his bedroom. It hit him on his face as he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He pulled over the sheets over him as he tucked his face beneath it. Soon after, he heard a knock on his door as he threw away the sheets and moved over to the door. He opened it as he saw his servant standing there. He was informed of someone waiting for him at this hour. Before his mind could analyse the situation, he saw someone climbing the stairs and coming towards him. ‘Rithik’, he muttered as he was shocked seeing him there at this time. His servant went away from there leaving the two alone as they stood there facing each other.

‘Where is Khushi?’ Rithik questioned him as an accusing look crossed his eyes.

He caught that accusing look in his eyes as he shrugged his shoulders and answered him back, ‘Are you drunk? I don’t know anything about her. Don’t waste your time over me.’

He clenched his fist as he held his collar and warned him, ‘Mr. Raizada, I’ll definitely find out about her but after that, if I get a whiff that you were involved in this, I’ll not leave you.’

He held Rithik’s hand as he jerked them off. Rithik gave an angry look to him as he started going away from there.

Arnav saw him descending the stairs as he moved a step forwards toward him. ‘What was he talking about her? Is she missing or is there something else?’ Thoughts similar to this flooded his mind as he decided to ask him about this. But something stopped him from doing so. He latched the room of his door as he went back to his bed. He laid there for some time but instead of dreams the only thing which was evading his senses was her face. He grabbed his phone as he decided to call her. He heard the ringing sound of her phone for a minute but hearing no reply he kept it back. ‘She definitely must be up to something. Let her do whatever she want, I just don’t care.’ With these thoughts, he made strenuous efforts to cuddle himself into sleep.


Credit to: saya

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