Naagin- In my heart (Episode 18)


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Recap: Sesha and Karan’s moments, their entry into Suri’ house and retrieval of some important documents.


It was 10 am as she had kept her first step into his office. She glared at the shining AR written calligraphically on the wall at the top. She moved along with her manager guided by Mr. Mehta.

A long table had occupied the centre of the room surrounded by some chairs. A few were fortunate enough to be occupied by some while the rest were lying as abandoned. They were sitting on the chairs opposite to each other, staring into each other’s eyes with a lucid intention of reading each other’s mind. ‘Why does he want me to be a part of this project? Only to stop me from doing any damage or…’ Thoughts like this were running into her mind. Although the meeting was being presided over by one of the members, they had only listened to only a small portion of it. She returned mentally into the meeting when her manager handed over a file to her. It was her moment to announce her decision. She presided the meeting as she addressed everyone, ‘Good morning everyone. I’ll be very happy to be a part of this project and also of the fact that Mr. Raizada is my business partner on this wonderful project.’

She had finished her talk when everyone stood up and began congratulating them. He began to move forward towards her. But before he could say her anything, she excused herself and left the place.

(Sesha and Shivanya)

Both of them had taken a leave from their work as they were seated in the comforts of their home yet the comfort was far away from there. Both were looking busy as they were working diligently with their keen eyes and ears and their whole body in an alert position. They had readied everything as they began the recording on their laptop. They watched and listened to all the conversations as they paused it at a particular conversation. They were shocked by what they had just heard. Shivanya’s hand trembled a little as she played that conversation again.

They saw a man walking in a lobby as they guessed it to be Suri. He stopped in front of a room as he opened the door. Both watched carefully to see the face of the man whom Suri had come to meet. But since his back was towards Suri, the spy cam was unable to capture his face. They saw Suri stumble as the pen fell from his pocket. He lifted the pen and a certain blackness engulfed the screen as he had kept the pen on the sofa. The only thing they could hear was their sound. They fast forwarded the video as they skipped his usual greetings and stopped at a certain place as they played the video at a normal pace. ‘I know I have shared with you everything. It is something related from that event.’ Sesha had recognized the voice to be of Suri.

‘Then tell me what happened? Why do you seem tensed?’ This was the second voice, definitely of a man. Sesha had tried recognizing something related to this voice. Her doubt for a second came over to Ankush Raheja but she wasn’t sure.

‘Aman, I had told you years ago about how I had went to that journalist’s home. He had tried to kill me and in self- defence he became the victim…’ Both of them fumed in anger as they heard this. Shivanya raised her hand and tried shutting the laptop when Sesha stopped her.

‘I know you didn’t do anything intentionally. Then what?’ Aman asked Suri.

‘I don’t know who have come from my past but I had received a certain message nearly 6 months ago and we have not been able to find out about that person till now’, said Suri. They heard their voice growing fainter as they realized they might have moved somewhere else. They tried to figure out the words but their voice was no longer being captured as they got sure that they had moved elsewhere.

They closed their laptop as they scanned all the documents and the pictures which Sesha had clicked the previous night. Their eyes lighted up as they had got an important information in their hand. They closed everything as Shivanya got up and securely placed all the photocopied documents of the original ones. Sesha planned on how to return the documents as they together made a plan for their next step.

(Khushi and her buaji)

She had returned her home after the day’s work as she laid herself on the sofa and closed her eyes. She heard footsteps nearing her as she spoke, ‘What was the need buaji? Where are the servants?’

Her buaji smiled at her seeing her lying as she came near her and said, ‘If you know then why don’t you get up.’

She brought her legs on the ground as she stretched her arms and took the glass of water from her buaji’s hand. She was drinking the water when her buaji raised her marriage topic in front of her. She started coughing as she kept her glass on the table. Her buaji patted on her back as her cough subsided. She looked at her buaji as she said, ‘You know my answer buaji.’

Her buaji took a seat beside her as she said, ‘If Rahul would have been here, then you would have listened to him.’ Tears welled in her eyes as she heard this. Her buaji extended her arm to comfort her but she left the place and stormed into her room. She bolted her room as her hands reached out for the album kept in the drawer. She took it out as she sat on her bed and started visiting her childhood days through the album. She flipped the photos in the album as she reminisced her childhood with Rahul. She closed the album as she muttered, ‘I’ll not leave that Arnav Raizada for whatever he has done to you.’ She kept the album at its place back as she wiped her tears off and pulled up a brave front. She heard a knock on the door as she went near it to open the door. She saw her buaji came inside with a forlorn look. She cheered up her buaji as they both hugged each other.
‘Ok now show me the photo of the one you chose this time’, she said smilingly. She saw her buaji going out as she relaxed for a while. Her buaji returned with a photo in her hand as she quipped, ‘Khushi, this is the fifteenth one. You better like him.’ Her buaji handed her the photo as she said, ‘His dadi had come for this relation.’

She took the photo as she looked at him. She stood with a jerk as she looked at his photo. She held his photo with both her hands as she torn it into as many pieces as she could. She threw the pieces in air as they came down swaying in air, finally resting on the floor. The many pieces were scattered here and there unable to capture the features of Arnav as it had done previously.


Credit to: saya

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