Naagin- In my heart (Episode 17)


Hello everyone. I know I confused you all in the previous epi but I’ll try to be more careful. To all those who want me to write in a conversation mode- I don’t do in that way because it does not give me satisfaction. So I don’t like writing in a conversation mode. Sorry about that.

Recap: annual loss of AR Company, Arnav’s decision to get Khushi on board as a business partner, Rivanya’s romantic outing and confession.

Sesha and Karan:

‘Sesha’, he whispered in her ears. She was startled as she heard her name and turned towards him with widened eyes. She heaved a sigh of relief as she said, ‘Karan’. She punched him lightly for scaring her. He had only just parted his lips to say something when she kept her index finger on her lips as she gestured him to stay quiet. She turned away from him as she was now facing a house, a certain distance away, across the road. He moved a step forward as he came close to her. He slightly leaned towards her shoulder as he also started looking in the direction she was at that moment interested in. They both were hidden behind a tree as she was looking at Mr. Suri’s house. She looked at the sky as she saw the moon in its full glory. She could feel this chilling silence. She rotated her wrist slightly as she saw the time. She cracked her knuckles as there were 5 more minutes left. She kept looking at her wrist watch as the hands of that small clock moved. She smiled as those 5 minutes were over but a certain nervousness was creating havoc for her. She turned her head slightly as she saw him standing patiently behind her. She smiled at him as she grabbed his hand and moved towards the gate. They peeped through the gate as she found it safe to move forward. She climbed the gate, trying her best to make minimum noise. Once she had crossed to the other side, she gestured him to cross the gate. He followed her footsteps as he also crossed the gate. They both moved towards the small resting area on the side. He guessed it to be probably of the watchman. He held her hand as he stopped her. She sensed his hesitation as she assured him through her eyes. Trusting her, they moved forwards as they saw the watchman had dozed off in his chair.

‘Look what is he up to? Instead of safeguarding and keeping a watchful eye, he is dreaming’, he had quipped.

She looked at him as she remarked, ‘It’s not because of his sleepy attitude. It’s the magic of my sleep spray.’

He looked at her amazed as he said, ‘Genius you. But I guess this is my effect on you that you are turning out to be more intelligent.’

She moved her hand up and down as she gestured him to lower down his tone. She took out a bottle and handkerchief from her purse swiftly as she was very particular of the things which she was carrying with her. She dabbed the handkerchief with some of the fluid contained in the bottle. She moved a step forwards as she gently kept the handkerchief a few millimetres away from his nose but close enough to produce the desired effect. She stood there at the same position until she was assured that the chloroform had done its effect. Being assured, she moved backwards as she joined him and they both began moving forwards quietly. They had entered the house. Unable to contain any longer, he finally asked her, ‘When did you use this sleep spray?’

She raised her brows as she pointed towards her stole wrapped around her neck. ‘I had covered my face with the help of this and sunglasses. I had come over to him to ask a particular address. I had then let the paper slip from between the fingers. I had the spray ready in my one hand, hidden behind the stole. As soon as he had bent, I had sprayed it. I came and hid myself behind a tree. As you know, it takes an hour for the spray to work, so I was waiting for that. And in the meantime you came from behind me’, she uttered this in a low voice.

They had searched two rooms till now and this was the third one. She looked at the door as she nervously pushed the door a little and fortunately it moved. She thanked her stars as she raised her head above for a moment. She again pushed the door as it slightly made a creaking sound. They both hid themselves on the sides of the door. She moved ahead as she saw two people sleeping on the bed. She found the space enough for entering the room as they entered it squeezing themselves. She moved near the bed as she saw Suri and his wife sleeping soundly. She retrieved the bottle and handkerchief and re-did her previous act. She moved towards the cupboard as she opened it and found a safe within. She gestured him as he understood her intention. He stood there transfixed. Seeing no movement from his side, she said, ‘Don’t you understand what I’m trying to convey. I need your help in breaking this safe.’ He averted his gaze as it clearly conveyed his message to her. She kept her hand on his hand as she said, ‘Don’t you trust me. I’m not doing anything wrong.’ He looked into her eyes as he felt her words to be true. He nodded his head in an affirmative way as she smiled at him.

She flashed her torch light towards the safe as she waited patiently and saw him working at the safe. She grinned as she saw him finally opening the safe. She quickly searched the important files kept there. She grabbed her phone to click some pictures as she handed over the torch to him. He flashed it for her as she started taking pictures. She took the pictures of most important files, which she felt he might definitely look for them and she also decided to take the less important ones, which she was sure of that he wouldn’t see in near time. She closed the safe and moved near his bedside table as she replaced his pen with a similar one. As soon as she finished her work, they came out closing the door behind.

She looked at his questioning eyes and before he could ask her, she said, ‘I had been following Mr. Suri lately. I came to knew that he uses this pen so I had similar pens fitted with spy camera. The one I kept and the one which is with me both have spy cam. I had replaced his actual pen when I accidentally met him at an event a week before. Now I have replaced it with another spy pen to see the recording in the first one.’

She looked at her vibrating phone as she disconnected her sister’s call. He stopped as he didn’t see her besides him. He turned as he saw her behind looking at a door. He nodded his head slightly as he saw her. Somewhere he had a belief in her words but he still was unhappy with the fact that she had not felt the need to disclose him the exact reason of her steps. He moved towards her as he looked at him with pleading eyes.

They both had then rummaged the last room which was the store room and after checking the room thoroughly, left it in the same way as it was. They then made an exit with satisfaction written on her face.

I thought of writing a line about sleep spray- discovered as an alternative to sleeping pill for insomniacs. It takes about an hour to work although its effectiveness is questioned. In this ff, I have made it to be effective one.

Credit to: saya

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