Naagin- In my heart (Episode 16)


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Recap: cancellation of the engagement, Sesha and Shivanya’s conversation, and an insight into everyone’s heart.

After 6 months,

She was reminiscing the day 4 months back when she had confessed her feelings for him in front of her sister. She had hoped that her sister would be angry but instead her sister had hugged her citing that she was being too suspicious. Her thoughts were interrupted by her staff girl who handed her over a package and a bouquet. She took out a card from the bouquet as she read, ‘From Rithik’. A sile played on her lips as she looked admiringly at the package and decided to open it after she reaches home.


He was sitting in his cabin when his manager, Mr. Mehta, had joined him with certain documents in his hand. Arnav gestured him to sit as he took a seat and passed on the documents to him. He saw them as Mr. Mehta continued, ‘Sir, this year has not been good for us as our company has suffered an overall loss.’ He saw Arnav as he figured out discomfort on his face. He excused himself and went out of the cabin as he didn’t want to face his wrath. He closed his eyes and leaned on his chair thinking about his next move.


It was a lovely weather outside as he came out of the car. He opened the door of his car as she held his hand and came out. He was dressed in a tuxedo and she in a white gown, the gown which he had brought for her and gifted her. They both walked hand in hand as they looked perfect complementing each other. They entered the restaurant as they crossed each and every chair. She was walking with him unknown of the fact where they were heading to. They reached a glass door which was opened for them and they came out. She saw two chairs beside the pool and they walked up to that as they occupied the chairs. She looked all around her as she came to the conclusion that he had exclusively booked the entire area for her. Her eyes went towards the pool as she saw the water adorned by floating candles. She was stunned by the effort he had done for this. She looked at him lovingly and was about to say something when they saw a waiter coming who laid down the food in front of them. She was happy by the thought that he had ordered her favourite food. They both had their dinner as they allowed only their eyes to speak to each other. After a while, he extended his hand as she gave him her hand.

They both were dancing lost in each other when he broke the trance as he knelt on his knee and took her hand in his hand as he finally uttered,

‘When the mist in front of my eyes was shattered, I saw your lovely face.
When I see the sparkling dew drops on leaves, I see your shining eyes.
When I inhale the smell of roses, I imagine your presence.
When I look into your eyes, everything stops for me.

I want to spend my entire life with you. I want to be the first one to wake you up and the last one to close my eyes with you as the night dawns. I love you. Will you marry me?’

She stood there astounded as her eyes were filled with unshed tears. Her cheeks were flushed as a surge of happiness was building in her. Words were unable to come out. She paused for a while as she finally gathered strength to nod her head in a yes. He kissed her hand as he stood up and hugged her. He felt extreme happiness as she finally said, ‘I love you too and I’ll marry you.’


She entered her home as she watched the clock. The hands of the clock showed the time to be 8:00pm. She saw Mr. Gupta sitting on the sofa drinking water. She moved towards him as he stood up. She sat opposite to him as she gestured him to sit. She saw him hesitating as she glared at him. Finally he spoke, ‘Ma’am, I was calling you since 4pm but your phone is switched off. So I decided to come here.’

She looked at her phone as she figured out that the battery is dead. She gestured him to speak as he continued, ‘the project in which a construction was to be done on a land, that…’

‘I know Arnav Raizada is on board for this,’ Khushi remarked.

‘Well ma’am what you planned to do cannot be done as he demanded a business partner and raised this question in front of the board of directors and…, and that business partner is you.’ He lowered his gaze as he uttered those final words.

She clenched her fist as an anger rose within her. She shouted at him, ‘I left the office one hour early today and you all caused this blunder. Am I paying you for all this?’

He gathered courage to speak as he said, ‘Ma’am, there was a voting for your name and…But ma’am the final word will be yours only.’ He looked at her excitedly as he said the last word. But the cold glares from her made him lower his gaze again as he continued, ‘Ma’am, if you don’t want…’

He was interrupted as she said, ‘Get out.’ He stood as he saw her angry and left the place. She leaned herself on the sofa as she closed her eyes and started thinking about her next step.


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Credit to: saya

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  1. hey i like it but plz write as a convertion plz its a humble request and i dont want to imagine as it belongs to whom i m confused plz try to understand and write clearly

    1. Yes
      I’m also saying the same from first episode
      Very confusing
      For e.g..
      From para3 to para7 u explained about two members I.e. one is proposing & one is accepting. But who r they???
      Please don’t mind, I’m not criticizing u, your ff is so nice, that’s why I want u to understand the problem. ..☺

  2. Saya ur work is very gud…but little confusing…hope you understand…plz don’t take it otherwise… It’s our duty to tell you your ff’s plus and minus points …after all we are your real fans…

  3. sorry sorry…I forgot to mention their names. I realized note only. they are rivanya. and I’ll be careful about this.

    1. note* now. I realized later when I read it again.

  4. I liked it very much n the way u described rithik proposing shivanya was awesum…good going…saya

  5. The way he proposed was amazing… but sweets, pls do mention at the end who were they; even if mentioned at the end that’s fine but do mention from next time 🙂
    l just saw that u pointed out in comments, they were rithik-shivanya which no1 could hv guessed as in the 1st para she received some package. :)Nevertheless, excellent way of proposing- these words should be stolen and kept safe by guys, wl b v.useful 🙂

  6. Hey it is good but little confusing. Write as conversation. Anyways thanks yar .I love rivanya

  7. hello everyone. I’ll not be able to upload episodes till 4 Jan as we cannot submit articles on this site till 4th.

    1. We are waiting for you saya:)

  8. Hi dear saya. I am so sorry for not commenting actually i was busy but i sware i read all your episodes they were awesome keep continue dear you have a great future in writing.all d best for ur ff

  9. Happy new year all have a great year.this year brings a lot of blessings and happiness for u.
    Main bhagvan se ye duan mangthihu ki aap ki mannathe pura karke app ko sada sukh aur khushi rake

    1. Hi Tom. A very very happy and prosperous New year to you and to everyone. It’s really very sweet of you. Wishing you all the luck and happiness. Thanks for commenting. I do really wait for them 🙂

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