Naagin- In my heart (Episode 15)


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Recap: Arnav’s and Khushi’s encounter, Tanvi’s failed attempt, Rithik’s trust on Shivanya, Shailesh’s inebriated state, close escape of Khushi due to Arnav, Tanvi and Rithik standing there for engagement.

Guests were leaving the place as his parents were acknowledging their presence. Most of the guests had returned back whispering to each other by the turn of events. The flowers which had adorned the house were now withered away and were being removed from there. They were standing in a corner facing each other as a certain silence was between them. She kept her hand on his shoulder as with a lowering gaze and a sad voice she said, ‘I’m sorry Rithik.’ They both then looked at each other and after a pause she burst out laughing and he started smiling. He signalled her to tone down her voice as she complied with him. The events of the past hour flashed back in their mind. Tanvi had extended her hands towards him so that he could adorn that beautiful ring on her finger. But the proceedings were interrupted by Tanvi’s mother as she requested the family members to come along with her to a room. They all had come out after a 15 minutes as the engagement was announced to be cancelled.

‘How did you do this?’ Rithik enquired her.

She raised her brows as she smilingly said, ‘That’s what you call a backup plan. I had received someone’s call who said that he saw Shailesh going to AR companies. I knew that he would definitely try to double cross me. So I simply blackmailed his wife the way I had done him and she was very easy to deal with. And he, Mr. Shailesh, has to pay the price. Don’t worry I’ll create just a small hindrance for him, that’s it.’

He was listening intently as he asked, ‘and who is that someone who called you up.’
She wiggled her face as she said, ‘Someone who works for me. That’s it now don’t ask me any question. By the way, where is she?’
‘I saw her going out after the drama Shailesh uncle had created. I was unable to stop her.’
‘Don’t worry. Now you need to woo her,’ she said as her eyes sparkled. They both hugged each other as he left her till the doorsteps.


She had returned home as she saw her sister reading a magazine.
‘Come let’s have dinner.’ She saw her sister moving towards the dining table arranging plates.
‘I’m not hungry,’ she replied as she went to the room and closed the door.
However, Sesha sat on the chair and laid a plate for her. She was about to eat a morsel, when she kept it back on the plate and pushed the plate slightly. A certain satisfaction could be seen on her face as she knew that that son of Ankush Raheja was now engaged and hence her sister would automatically be away from him. She was happy reminiscing the moment she had called her sister’s boutique to enquire about her and that’s how she got to know about the engagement. She glanced at the closed door as she stood up from her chair and knocked the door. Shivanya opened the door as Sesha entered the room. Seeing her sister’s pale face she started wondering whether she had started liking him or not. However, she was determined to keep her away from him. She sat there for a while as she asked her the cause of her worry. Hearing nothing from her, she rested Shivanya’s head on her lap as she began telling her about their mission. Soon she started speaking about how any feelings for someone would be a hindrance to their mission. Shivanya got up and hugged her sister and said, ‘I’ll never compromise with our mission di and I’ll stay away from any such bond which attaches me to someone.’ Sesha caressed her head as she left from there to do some work.

She as now alone in the room thinking about her sister’s word. She picked up her phone as she saw his call. She rejected the call and kept it on silent mode. After an hour, she came back as she rested on the bed. She picked up her phone as she saw his 5 missed calls and a message. She opened the message as she read, ‘My engagement has been cancelled.’ These five words had given her the whole world’s happiness as she smiled reading his message. She imagined him in front of her as he came near her and gave a small peck on her cheeks. It was not long enough when her sister’s word started ringing in her hears. She was fighting a battle… battle of her heart and mind and this was tearing her apart.


It was midnight. Cold winds were blowing and swaying the branches of tree. The feelings which once occupied their hearts were swaying between the different emotions. A sudden turmoil had gripped some of them whereas some were lucid in their thoughts.

He was heading towards his home when he suddenly stopped his car at road side. He got out of it as he leaned against the car. He closed his eyes as he imagined her laughing with her friend, the next moment he imagined her letter. He opened his eyes with a jerk as he was unable to figure out the reason this girl was all over his mind. Soon water droplets fell on his hand. As he gazed upwards he saw the clouds had started pouring out the water it contained. He stood there feeling the tiny droplets on him as he tried removing her thoughts from his mind. He started convincing himself that for him she was just a rival. He went back to his car as he drove off.

He saw the rain falling from his window as he ran up to the door of the terrace. He flung open the door as he enjoyed the rain, getting drenched. He was happy as this rain indicated a new start for him. He looked at the moon as he imagined her lovely face. He extended his both arms sideways as he gazed upwards. He felt the tiny droplets on his face as he decided to shout out his feelings for her. He became more determined to bring her in his life.

He was standing near a tree under its shade. He reminisced the moment when they both had got drenched and he had caught hold of the cold. He smiled remembering this. He knew she didn’t love him but he still promised himself that he will be with her through the thick and thin of life. He moved two steps forward as he allowed the droplets to caress him. He imagined her coming towards her as they both danced to the music of his heartbeat.

She was standing in her home near the window. She moved her face a little so that she could feel the drops on her face. She was happy for her friend and prayed that he get his love. She was content with her life but still she had to destroy the man she had come to hate.

She was lying on her bed when she heard the pitter- patter of the rain. She came near her window as she extended her hand and felt the droplets. She knew that he was a nice man and every time she would think about him she would get sure that no one from his family was associated with her past events. She thought of talking about this with her sister. She was also determined that she would not compromise with their mission at any cost. She looked up to the sky and just prayed for a smooth road ahead.

She was working in the study room when she opened the window to get fresh air. She realized that she had become so engrossed in her work that she didn’t realize that it was raining. She smiled as she fondly remembered the last time she got drenched in rain with him. He had slipped and fell on the ground that time. She started laughing reminiscing that. However her smile disappeared as she closed the window and started doing her work again, eluding all the thoughts from her mind.

I hope you all understood to whom each para was dedicated in the last part.

Credit to: saya

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