Naagin- In my heart (Episode 14)


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Recap: conversation of Khushi and Rithik, Khushi, Tanvi and Rithik getting ready, Tanvi’s plan, Rithik’s and Shivanya’s meeting and their pain, Khushi’s suspicion over Tanvi

He entered the house accompanied by Ankush Raheja as his car had broken down near his home and then he had been invited to his son’s engagement. He decided to entertain the offer unless the technician comes there to fix his car. He saw the house fully decorated and decided to congratulate Rithik. He climbed the stairs as he met him on the way. He extended his hands as he congratulated him. He heard a phone’s ringtone as he saw Rithik excusing himself and picking up the call. He was walking looking at the place and admiring it, when he suddenly collided with a girl. They both balanced themselves and looked at each other. ‘I’m sorry,’ Shivanya apologised but he remained mum. His thoughts were wandering as he decided to congratulate the to-be fiancé of Rithik and leave the place. He looked at her and asked about her. ‘There she is’, she pointed her hands towards a direction as she saw Tanvi and Khushi coming out. He saw her pointing and looked towards the direction and saw Khushi first as Tanvi had went along with her mother. He again turned towards her to confirm but he could not find her. He saw Khushi talking on her phone as he moved towards her and grabbed her other hand as he turned her towards him.
‘I’ll talk to you later’, she uttered to the person on phone as she looked at him with hatred in his eyes. She jerked her hand but his grip was too strong. They both were shooting angry glares at each other as finally she uttered, ‘Are you crazy, Mr. Raizada? Leave my hand. I think you have forgotten the slap.’ But he was unfazed by her words as with gritted teeth he uttered, ‘Is this your engagement?’ ‘None of your business’, came her prompt reply. She tried to free her hand again but was again unsuccessful. She looked up to him when she heard him saying, ‘That was not the answer to my question’. ‘It’s paining’, hearing this he left her hand. He moved closer to her as she also moved a step towards him and pushed him with both her hands as she finally said, ‘Don’t try these tricks with me.’ She was fuming with her anger as he saw her leaving. He stood there bewildered by his actions as he entwined his fingers in his hair and muttered, ‘Let her do whatever she wants. But what if it’s her engagement.’ He didn’t knew what and why was he thinking this as he moved from there.


She was walking in the corridor when she felt someone holding her hand. She turned and saw Shivanya as she said with anxious look in her eyes, ‘What’s this Tanvi? The zip of your top is slightly open. I think it’s damaged and how could you not know it?’
‘The dress was your responsibility Shivanya. How would I know it? I don’t know why you have done this,’ she had said with accusing looks.
They both stopped as they saw him standing there. He grabbed Tanvi’s hand. Shivanya was about to say something but he raised his hand in a gesture to stop. He dragged Tanvi to the guestroom while she was saying, ‘Listen to me Rithik. What are you doing?’ They entered the room as he forcefully left her hand in a jerk and closed the door.
‘What was that?’ he looked at accusingly towards her.
‘Are you asking me this? My dress is damaged. Why will I do this? You should ask her why she did this. I have always seen hatred in her eyes for me. She is jealous of…’
‘Just stop it Tanvi. I know she can never do this.’ He said this as he had full faith on her.
‘Are you accusing me? How can you trust her? We are childhood friends and you got to know her only since a few days back,’ as she said she sat on the bed wearing a dejected look.

He felt bad as she moved towards her and knelt on the floor as he held her hand, ‘I trust her that she’ll not do this. Maybe it happened due to any other reason.’ He stood as he continued, ‘Everyone is calling us down. Change this dress and come down in 10 minutes.’ Saying so he left the room.

As he came out of the room he saw her standing outside. He came near her as she said, ‘Rithik.’ He kept a finger on his lips as he said, ‘I trust you Shivanya.’ He patted her shoulder as he left from there. She stood there overwhelmed seeing his trust although she has not done anything to gain that.


Everyone was standing in the hall as the rings arrived for them. They were standing facing each other. She was really happy whereas he was looking lost. He turned his gaze as he looked at Khushi. He raised his brows in question asking about where Shailesh was. She herself was concerned as she couldn’t find him anywhere. However, Arnav looked at the couple standing in front of him and was happy from within as Khushi was not the girl who was getting engaged. He scanned the people around him as he saw her standing a few feet away. He went towards her and stood a little away from him. Suddenly everyone turned their faces towards the door as they heard the voice of a vase breaking. They saw a man walking in a drunken stupor as Rithik muttered, ‘Shailesh uncle.’

‘What the hell?’ Khushi said this as she looked towards Rithik who was distraught at this. She again looked at Mr. Shailesh as she held her forehead with her hand as it rested on her other hand. Shailesh walked up to her daughter as Ankush came forward to support him. He gave a sheepish smile as he tried standing straight. He flung his one hand in air as he shouted on top of his voice, ‘This engagement cannot happen.’ Everyone looked stunned as they started whispering. Startled by this, Tanvi came up to her father and said, ‘what are you saying papa?’
He patted her cheeks lovingly as he said, ‘Yes and this is because of…’ He paused for a while as he pointed his fingers towards Khushi. Before anyone could see the person, Arnav quickly held her hand and pulled her towards him. Everyone saw in the direction where he was pointing to but could see no one.

Khushi and Rithik heaved a sigh of relief at this near escape. She looked at Arnav as she realized that she was still in his arms. She composed herself as she thanked him. ‘I cannot hear you.’ Hearing him saying so, she passed a disgusting look to him. They both turned their gaze forward to see what unfolded next. They saw that Shailesh had passed out on Ankush’s shoulder and they then took him towards a room. She knew that no one will pay heed to what Shailesh had said because of his condition. She cursed him as she decided to teach him a lesson for double crossing her.

After a few minutes, everyone again assembled as they began the ceremony. Rithik raised an objection as her father was not there but his wordings were not paid heed to as his mother signed him not to delay this further. He looked at Shivanya as a pain was searing through his heart.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Saya you are amazing ya. I don’t have words to say. Todays episode was good. I like it very much:-)keep going

  2. oh so sweet arshi scene love it
    saya dear love it ok one more request please can u bring kabir nisha & arjun Sam in this fanfic plzzzz

    1. it’ll get difficult for me to manage all the characters and give equal importance to all of them. so sorry dear.

  3. Wow nice n feeling sad for shivanya n rithik????

  4. worst is when u know u feel for someone still have to hide it

  5. Saya..i am in love with your writing skill..i write poems but after reading your ff I am like…” oh my god..i am nothing in front of you”…you are too good…keep it up dear…you don’t know but you are an inspiration to me…the way you describe things … specially sun is just amazing…

  6. thank you so much. I’m overwhelmed by this but don’t say that you are nothing in front of me. Everyone’s writing has something unique and I’m sure you must be special I’m your own way.:-)

  7. thank you so much. I’m overwhelmed by this but don’t say that you are nothing in front of me. Everyone’s writing has something unique and I’m sure you must be special in your own way.:-)

  8. Daniyal Rathore

    Hi .
    When i read fan fiction on it. I start laughing bcz how someone write a drama with two diffrnt couple…
    but when i read first episode. It look so amazing. Writing is a very difficult job. But u did it very well. My one request is that plz add naagin character in it. Bcz its based on naagin and second add some more masale in arshi life.
    And naagin in ritik life.
    And best of luck

  9. Saya today no update ah?

  10. oh it’s okay saya I understand but u have any time write fanfic on nibir or ardhika

    1. I’ll surly think about that after this ff

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