Naagin- In my heart (Episode 12)

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Recap: moments between Sesha, Karan and Rivanya, Sesha seeing Rithik dropping Shivanya home and getting angry of her friendship with him, Sesha’s warning to her sister to stay away from Rithik, Ankush reading the message, tiff between Ankush and Suri and their decision to do something to stop that person

The sun had woken up from its slumber as it spread out its rays embracing everyone. The rays fell on his face and irritated by this, his hands reached out for the pillow and he ducked his face beneath it. He was awake but his eyes didn’t want to see anything, his soul didn’t want to face the truth…the truth of his engagement. He reminisced the previous night in which she was in his arms. He had hoped for everything to freeze for him there. Thoughts of eloping filled his mind. He soon ruffled the clouds of such thoughts forming in his mind and scolded himself for the moment he thought such a thing. He knew talking to his parents would be fruitless but he still convinced himself to try once. Determined of what he had to do he removed the pillow from above his head and opened his eyes. He heard a knock on the door. His parents entered the room as he opened the door.

‘I’m so happy today. Finally it’s your engagement’, said his mother in an elated voice. However, his father noted something strange in him and asked him the problem. They both stood shocked there when he told them that he didn’t want to do engagement. ‘How can you say so Rithik? We had promised them during your childhood that we’ll get you married to her,’ her mother said. He was about to speak when his mother lifted her hand to stop him from saying anything. He was looking at his mother with a glint of hope in his eyes. His father’s voice diverted his gaze as he said, ‘Stop it Yamini. Our son’s happiness is more important.’ He looked towards Rithik as he asked him the reason for not doing engagement. Before he could answer his father, her mother grabbed his hand and kept it on his head. ‘I’m doing this for your good and you’ll marry only the girl I choose. Promise me’, said his mother. Irritated to the core by all this and to fulfil his mother’s wish and for her happiness, he finally agreed. His mother smilingly left the room. He felt a hand on his shoulder as he saw his father standing beside him. ‘I’m sorry Rithik.’ Before his father could say anything he reassured him that he was fine. He gave a faint smile in order to reassure his father. As his father left the room, he grabbed his phone from the bedside table and started tying. He read the message once again as he sent it to her.


She was all dressed up to go to the office when a message flashed onto her mobile. ‘Emotional blackmail…that’s what happened. I knew it would be fruitless but I talked to them only on your insistence. Damn that time when that promise was made.’ She read Rithik’s message as she knew what she had to do. She called up a person and assigned him some work. She looked at the watch. It was 8:30 am and she just hoped that he do the work on time.

It was 1:00 pm when she drove the car herself and reached a deserted place. She looked at the time and was waiting impatiently for him to come. She heard some footsteps nearing her. She turned and saw him coming. He handed over a file to her as she quickly opened it to see the contents. She gave a victorious smile as she reached out for the bag kept in the car. She handed him two bundles of note while saying, ‘Thank you Karan.’ He smiled back at her and returned a bundle of note. ‘That’s what I like about you Karan…honesty and intelligence. I know I have given you double the amount but you deserve it. The confidential information which you have handed over to me in such a short time is really praiseworthy’, she said as she refused to take back the money.
He bowed to her wishes as he uttered, ‘And that’s why I like to work with you Khushi ma’am. But it was only possible for me to do so soon as you had some information beforehand and the file which Mr. Gupta gave me only helped me.’

She looked at the file smilingly as she kept it in the car. She sat in her car as she called Mr. Gupta and ordered him, ‘Call Shailesh Mathur.’ She kept her phone as she drove back.


He was sitting in her cabin as various thoughts were coming to his mind. ‘You came so soon…a bit unexpected’, she smirked looking at him. ‘Well who wouldn’t come on the call of Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta’, he replied promptly.
She leant on her chair as she said, ‘Well I have an interesting offer for you Mr. Shailesh. I heard you are in debt and your company is not in a good position.’ He was shocked as his eyes widened hearing the word debt as he had not informed anyone about it. Only two- three people knew about it. He knew she was up to something so decided to put a brave front. ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ he had almost shouted. She rose up from her chair angrily as she glared at him and warned him, ‘Don’t you dare raise your voice in front of me.’ She moved over to the glass kept on the table and placed it in front of him as she continued, ‘You have two choices. First is do what I say and I’ll help in clearing your debts. Second is leave this place right now without listening to my offer and I’ll make sure your project, on which you heavily rely, remains incomplete forever. I don’t think I need to tell you the consequences.’ She smirked as she saw him gulping down the water. He was perplexed and he choose her first option.

He stood from his chair as he listened to her offer, ‘you want me do break my daughter’s engagement. I cannot do this. I had promised…’ She interrupted him as she said, ‘Present or past…debt or promise…the choice is yours.’

Finding no way out he agreed to her and left her cabin after listening her warning to not double cross her. He came down the lift and moved towards his car as he muttered, ‘Warning, Warning and warning!’ He glared at her office as a plan struck his mind.


He was talking to his secretary but he wasn’t allowed in without an appointment. He saw his manager coming and requested him. After a short conversation on the phone, his manager allowed him to meet their sir. He entered his cabin as he saw him intently looking into his files. He interrupted him by greeting, ‘Hello Mr. Arnav.’

Arnav looked up and called him in and asked his purpose of visit. He sat on the chair making him comfortable. He knew, in fact not only he, but the business world was aware of the rivalry between Khushi and Arnav and he was determined to use Arnav against Khushi. He smiled at him as he continued, ‘You must know enemy’s enemy is a friend Mr. Arnav. I just want you to help me and then we’ll together…’ ‘Ruin her. Am I right Mr. Shailesh? I know whom you are talking about and let me tell you I don’t need anyone’s help. You can leave.’

All the frustration and anger in him had piled up as he uttered, ‘Don’t know what she has offered you. Everyone saw how you were dancing with her in that party. She is a…’ Before he could utter anything, he was stopped by a tight slap on his face. He looked at him with anger as he dashed out of his cabin only to be more determined to avenge his insult by them.

I have replied to you Ritika in the previous epi in case you haven’t seen that.

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  1. hey I just started reading ur ff 4days back,while reading naagin updates..n I read it,being aarshi fan aswell..I hav started loving keep it up!n great work,urwriting skill I must say is awesome n unique,I feels I m reading novel

    1. thank you so much

  2. Nice ff
    But sometimes very confusing as u mention the name at the end of the scene…

  3. sweet love it dear

  4. This is really very interesting, well developed and finely written of all the fan fictions i have read so far. Both of my fav shows are being interwined so creatively. love ur work. Alll the best and keep writing such heart touching soulful tales

  5. hey saya if u or any other reader is free than plzz create an ff of mtv fanaah as i am abig fan of its season 1 bt there is no progress for the 3 season… i think many fans would luv to read it… n above all i luve ur writing skills… they r awsm..

    1. I would have love to write but will only after this ff as I’m writing stuff for my blogs also. Moreover I’ll have to watch the serial first so you all can tell me on the last epi of this ff whether you want me to write our not.

  6. definetely saya… we all will wait till thn.. n thanks dear for replying…. u r such a swthrt…

  7. Yes saya i read it 🙂 Like one reader just pointed out, it seems i am reading a novel. Excellent detailing and descriptions!
    Also, i guess sometimes u tell the name of the character at the end to mk it thrilling. Good luck, u r going great!

  8. Ji where is the next episode

  9. Saya can u please mention the name like who is talking to whom.its so confusing to guess? i hope u will listen to my request

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