Naagin- In my heart (Episode 11)

Hello everyone. Thanks for reading my ff and it was really very sweet of you Ritika to say that. I love writing and I do write short stories and poems. But being a writer…well I think there are many who write more beautifully than I do. So let’s get started for today.

Recap: Sesha and Shivanya’s plan, Suri getting tensed reading a sheet of paper and drags Ankush from the party, Sesha’s chase of their car but missing them, sudden meeting of Sesha and Karan

She was about to call her sister when a name flashed on the screen. She quickly picked up the phone and without gasping air she continued in a breath, ‘I’m so sorry dear. I was really in a hurry and left the party without informing you anything.’ She stopped as she heard her sister speaking from the other side, ‘Relax di. I’m fine and we’ll talk after we reach home.’ She heaved listening to this. ‘I’ll reach home directly di, so you don’t need to come all the way back.’ After listening to her sister she became curious as to whom she was coming with. After an assurance from her sister that she would be fine and her friend would drop her to home she kept the phone back. But she still was in thoughts thinking about that friend of her sister who was in the party as she knew all her friends.

‘Sesha’, his voice pulled her backs from her thoughts as she looked at him. ‘Where are you?’ he questioned her. She waved off his questions by asking him to get into the car. As they both got seated in the car she drove off. Both were thinking about that day. It was nearly half a year back when he had proposed her. But she had refused him as she didn’t want a hindrance in her mission and this thing, she considered it to be a hindrance. However, she had not told him the reason and he too had not prodded her as he wanted to give her space. Somewhere he knew that she would tell him the reason when she felt like sharing that. After she had rejected his proposal, he was dejected as he loved her very much but he didn’t want to be cut off from her after this. The next day he had extended his hand of friendship again which she had accepted. This was a shock for him as he had thought she would be angry. From then on his flirty nature was on. He would occasionally flirt with her. She knew that he still loved her but she never wanted to bring that thing in front. Even she didn’t know the reason but she would enjoy his attention and the fact that he would only flirt with her used to bring a gleeful smile on her face.

The silence between them disappeared in thin air when he complemented her. ‘You are looking drop dead gorgeous.’ She smiled as she responded, ‘Thank you Karan but what happened to you? Messy hair, mud on your cloths… oh I forgot your work demands that.’

He smiled looking at her when he felt a sudden jerk as she had applied break. ‘What happened?’ She broke into a laughter as she saw a concerned look on his face. He looked on appalled as she said, ‘Stupid you have reached your destination.’ He looked out of the window and scolded himself for such a behaviour. He bid her good night as he left from there. She looked at him smilingly and then again started from there to reach her home.


Meanwhile at the party place,
She had kept her phone after talking to her sister and turned towards him who was till then staring at her. He had come running behind her when he saw her leaving the party in a jiffy. He had tapped her shoulder when he saw her continuously looking at a car going away. On being asked about her cause of worry she had cited that her sister had left due to an urgent work and now she was thinking of how to return back. He had asked her to come along with him as he would drop her. She was happy listening to this but still denied him. Upon insistence, she had agreed to him thus bringing a smile on his face. They had decided to leave after sometime and after around 1o minutes she had called her sister to inform.

‘Shall we leave?’ she asked him. They started leaving when he suddenly stopped and they both went near Khushi and bid her bye.
‘Guys this is not done. You both are not going anywhere. Please stay at least for 15minutes. The party is about to end’ said Khushi. They both smiled as they agreed to her.

After 20 minutes everything got winded up. Everyone had a dull look on their face as weariness had taken over them. The three of them moved towards the parking area as they hugged each other and went towards their way.

Rithik was driving the car when he complemented her, ‘You’re looking beautiful.’ She smiled as she said, ‘and you handsome.’ A smile too played on his lips as both together uttered ‘Thanks.’ She was looking outside through the glass when she lowered the glass of window a bit to feel the air gushing in. The air caused her hairs to sway as they played flowing here and there. He diverted her attention as he said, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ She was taken aback by his question but still replied, ‘Why does it matter to you?’ He remained silent at her question and his silence transferred to the environment and for the rest of the journey they remained quiet.


She had reached her home and was waiting for her sister when she heard the car sound. She came to the balcony and saw her sister getting down the car. Her brows furrowed as she tried to figure out the person accompanying her. A wave of uneasiness rushed into her when she saw that person also getting down to wish her sister good night. She saw her sister moving towards the building. She kept staring at his car as it was going farther and farther. The sound of doorbell diverted her attention and she headed to open the door.
‘Ankush Raheja’s son. Is he your new friend?’

Shivanya saw her sister’s cold glares as she said, ‘Yes di Rithik. But di…’ Before she could say anything Sesha interrupted, ‘His father was the one who had accompanied Suri and you…’ Shivanya stopped her sister as she said, ‘But di we only have confirmed doubt on Suri and we don’t know whether…’ Sesha gritted her teeth as she said, ‘What if Ankush Raheja is the other one?’ Rithik’s image flashed in her mind as she heard her sister saying that. ‘Don’t forget that we have to destroy them and their family also. Stay away from him,’ warned her sister as she went to the room to sleep.


It had been 15 minutes that they were in his room. He was seated on a couch whereas he was thinking something pacing the room. Finally he sat down on the couch besides him with both his palm on his face. It had been ten times that he had asked the reason for their sudden exit from the party and coming to his house. He was about to ask again but before his words could reach him he saw him taking out a crumbled paper from his pocket. He handed over the paper to him.
‘What’s this Suri?’ he asked him. ‘Read it yourself. I didn’t tell you anything there as I suspected that someone would have his eyes hovering above me. I had calmed myself and appeared normal when I asked you to accompany. I just hope that it has not raised anyone’s suspicion’, said Suri.

He opened up the paper as he read the message written on it. His hands started trembling as the paper floated in air and touched the floor. He stared at him in disbelief as he said with a trembling voice, ‘what was the need to murder him and his wife that day? Now see this is the result of your actions.’

An anger rose within him as Suri said, ‘Stop being a coward. I’m not a murderer and I didn’t go that day along with you to their house with the motive of murder. But that journalist…he left me with no choice. By the way, what I did was to save both of us. Don’t try to escape ever because you are an equal partner in this crime.’

Ankush listened to all this as he said, ‘We have to stop that person before he does anything.’ They were lost in deep thoughts as Ankush’s mobile rang. He turned towards him after attending his call and said, ‘I have to leave now.’ Saying so, he moved towards the door but was stopped as his words hit him, ‘It’ll be better if you think of something to come out of this situation. And yes, my driver will drop you home.’

He saw him with the corner of his eyes as he uttered, ‘No thanks. I had messaged my driver earlier only. He may have reached.’ He came out of his house and sat in his car as the driver drove off. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the seat as those night memories flashed back into his mind. They had went there to warn him but Suri ended up murdering them and he being a witness of that.


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    1. thanks dear. I’m 21.

  3. And in case u r not aware about book-publishing, crap writers with good imagination also get their books published. Team of editors work with them. U hv both-writing skills and imagination. Or try script writing:)

  4. Aamazing storyline… is unfolding in a nice way…so hats off to u for that.continue soon.

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