Naagin- In my heart (Episode 10)


Hello everyone. There is a new entry today and you can imagine any of your fav character. Read out to find more and have a happy reading.

Recap: Shivanya’s restlessness for Rithik, recognition of Mr. Suri by Sesha, Arnav’s anger and resentment towards CEO of Durga Group of Companies, revelation of the award winner and another layer of Khushi, dance of Rivanya and Arshi, tiff of Arnav and Lavanya due to which he leaves the party.

Her heartbeats had come back to normal as soon as they had stopped dancing. He had joined his dad to give him company whereas she was still looking at him and his lovely features. His proximity was like a magic which would cast a spell on her, his company like a web for her in which she would get entangled. He had a certain charm towards which she was attracted. She sighed as her view was blocked by a man who had come to talk to him. Dejected she turned her face towards her sister who was standing in a corner looking bit confused. She went where her sister was standing and gently pulled her sister back from her thoughts by keeping a hand over her shoulder. She was worried seeing her sister like that and thus asked her the cause of her tension.

Her sister looked her with some hop as she said, ‘Shivanya, I have come to this party but I don’t know what to do and how to move forward.’

Listening to this, both the sisters were lost in their thoughts as both tried to find an answer. Her eyes sparked as an idea struck on her mind. She took her sister’s paper as her hands fiddled with the objects lying there. Finally she was successful in grabbing two sheets of paper and a pen. She quickly scribbled the same message on both the sheets. Her sister smiled as she understood the plan. The next thing to be achieved by them was to give these notes to the two people whom they suspected without getting noticed. Both took a sheet of paper as Sesha moved to Suri and Shivanya to another suspect. They both were dancing when partners got exchanged. Sesha and Shivanya found this a right opportunity as they mingled with the dance. The partners were again exchanged and now Sesha was dancing with Suri and Shivanya with another suspect. They both carefully slipped the paper into their pockets. They both excused themselves as they again came back to their places.

Their eyes were on them as they wanted to note their expressions. Suri had ended the dance as he came back to his place grabbing a drink from the waiter. They both were waiting patiently as their hands were wringing. Sesha grabbed Shivanya’s hand as she saw Suri getting hold of the paper.

He was startled to see a piece of paper. He looked around himself to observe something. Both the sisters had started talking to each other seeing this reaction. After a moment, they turned their eyes towards him as they saw him reading the contents on the paper.

“Red is a dangerous colour especially when the colour is of someone’s blood. However you may try, you cannot wash this colour from your hands. You’ll have to pay for what you did.”

He crumbled the note as he saw and took out his handkerchief as he wiped out the sweat droplets on his forehead. The events of that night flashed in his mind. He stopped himself from throwing the paper as he started thinking. Both the sisters smirked as they knew they were going in the right direction. Meanwhile Shivanya and Sesha saw their other suspect reading the paper but he threw it in the dustbin and the change in his expressions didn’t raise their suspicion.

Sesha clenched her fist in anger as she was unable to track Suri in the party. Suddenly her gaze went towards the door as she saw him going out with another man. Without removing his eyes from them, she uttered ‘I’ll be back in a moment Shivanya’ and she dashed towards the door without listening to her sister.


‘What happened?’ he questioned him as they were moving hastily towards car parking area. He was enjoying in the party when Suri had come over to him and asked him to accompany urgently. He repeated the question hearing no reply from him.

‘Not now Ankush’, Suri replied as he went near his car and asked him to sit inside. He was surprised by his reaction but still complied by what he said and sat beside him in the car as they drove off.

She had quickly sat in her car as she started following them whereas Shivanya came running behind her sister but was late in doing so. She swiftly drove the car following them but was a bit far from them. An eye blink and she would miss the lead. Suddenly she applied the brake when she saw a man in front of her car. She recognized him as he sat beside her in the car.
‘Hi. I’m really surprised to meet you,’ he uttered in excitement. She started driving the car again but was perplexed when she reached road diversion point. She hit the steering wheel hard as she had missed their car. An anger rose within her as she shouted, ‘Get out.’

Seeing her anger he complied. She too got out of the car as she shouted at him, ‘what was it Karan? I missed an important lead due to you and what are you doing here?’ She looked at him with accusing eyes as she said, ‘Are you following me?’
He stood there with boggled eyes as he said, ‘Wait! Wait! Where are you heading to? I know I like you a lot but this time I wasn’t following you. By the way, you are forgetting that I’m a detective and my work requires me to go to wild destinations.’

She was listening to him silently as she calmed down a bit and said, ‘I’m sorry Karan. I know you have helped me a lot. Just forget it. Let me drop you. By the way, where are you heading to?’

‘I would have love to come over to your place but unfortunately I’ll have to go to my home’, he quipped as he winked towards her. She gave a faint smile as she agreed to drop him. ‘Wait let me call my sister first as I have to pick her up. In a hurry I left her in the party only.’ He was looking intently at her face as she reached out for her phone.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Ohhhh so nice

  2. hello guys. The episode is not proof read so there are slight mistakes. sorry for that.

  3. Lovely episode saya

  4. You should be a writer. Tk it up as a full-time profession! Mind blowing Saya 🙂 Try contacting a production house to write scripts or a publishing house to write a book!

  5. yup i totally agree wid u ritika… ur writing skills r amazing saya…. u r like a professional one… bt u missed d precap… update soon…

  6. karan who is he any one from serial or just ur imagination saya

    1. karan is a new character not from this serial. you can imagine any of your fav male character as karan opp sesha.

  7. wow then it is viraj without his hum language 😉

  8. well Aham sharma ♡ also can do justice to it but viraj he is our shooter boy 🙂

  9. Hi dear episode was awesome sorry for late comment dear actually i was busy by d way merry christmas

    1. it’s ok and merry Christmas

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