Naagin- In my heart (Episode 1)

In my heart

Hello everyone. This is saya here. This fan fiction is dedicated to two of my favourite on-screen couples- Rithik and Shivanya & Arnav and Khushi.

What if Shivanya was not a naagin? This is what I deal in my fan fiction. Of course along-with both the couples love stories. Additional characters, if included, will be notified at that time only. I hope you all like this fan fiction.

So let’s get started.

He turned his hand slightly as he quickly glanced his wrist watch. The clocks of the watch indicated the time to be 4:00pm. His hands became steady as he carefully manoeuvred his car and shifted his gaze to the front. The road ahead was empty with only a few vehicles passing by occasionally. The sun rays were hidden under the blanket of dark clouds. Every sign was an indication of bad weather.

‘30 more minutes before I reach home’, he muttered. The time was passing very slowly for him. 5 minutes onto the road and it started raining heavily with wind blowing. The leaves fluttered on the trees as the branches swayed.

‘Oh no’, he was perplexed as he saw that the wipers were not working anymore. He hit the steering with his fist as rain had reduced his visibility. Suddenly his eyes blinked as he saw a truck approaching towards him. ‘Maybe the truck driver was not able to see him or probably he was drunk’ such thoughts crossed his mind in a flash. He turned the steering to his left with a jerk to avoid any unfortunate accident. And a loud bang voice echoed in the surrounding with smoke engulfing the water droplets.

There he was in his car with his upper body lying on the steering wheel. One of his hand on the steering wheel while the other hung down. Blood was oozing from his forehead and trickled down on his face. His car was there with the bonnet open due to the impact of colliding with a tree.


Stay tuned…

Credit to: saya


  1. Nia

    Hi Saya. Me too love shivanya and rithik. They are just awesome. Update the next soon and a long one pls.

  2. fatarajo

    I also like Rithik and Shivanya Jodi, which is one of the reasons why I sometimes watch Naagin, I find the concept of Naagin very unrealistic, but I m happy to read ur fan fiction where Shivanya is not a Naagin 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.