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Hi guys I am Tina this is my first FF so please like and comment if I do not get any comments I will not continue writting this article. This story is different as shesha is the only naagin.


Ritik: A handsome boy worlds top business tycoon playful and very kind he doesn’t believe in Love.

Tanvi: Ritiks Friend since childhood and in love with Ritik

Shivanya: she is a worlds top restaurant owner and her restaurant franchise is called “Fine Cuisine”

Shesha: A evil Naagin who is in love with ritik

Kabir: Ritiks cousin and in love with Shivanya

Yamini: Ritiks Mum

Ankush: Ritiks dad

Angad,divya,amrita: Ritiks brother and sister

Tapasya: Shivanya Mom

Priyanka: Shivanya sister

Rudhera: Shivanyas Brother

(Shivanya don’t have father)


It was a peaceful night all roads were busy as people were leaving to go home then there is a girl shown

Girl: OK now I am going home lock the restaurant and call me you have done so

Servant: Yes ma’am once the cleaning is finished I lock it and call you

Girl: Good

Just then her phone rings she searches her bag for it and she finds it. The Phone is flashing ‘Ma’. She picks her phone and says

Girl: Hello ma

Tapasya: Hello Shivanya come quickly you are late.

Shivanya: For what?

Tapasya: I told you my best friend yamini came with her son with a proposal for you remember I told you this morning!

Shivanya: oh god I totally forgot and there is traffic tooit will take half hour for me to reach.

Tapasya: hurry!

At Shivanya’s Mansion

Yamini: Tapasya we have been friends from childhood now let’s change this friendship to a relation

Tapasya: Yes by the way where is your son?

Just then a handsome boy walks in

Boy: Namaste aunty

Yamini: this is my son Ritik

Tapasya: May god bless you beta

Ritik: thank you aunty where is the girl I am gonna marry

Yamini: getting impatient….(teasingly)

Tapsya: Don’t worry she will be here soon and by the way her name is shivanya…

Precap: Rivanya meet

Guys please comment and tell me if I should continue this FF or not if I don’t get any comments I will not continue the story….and feel free to throw any rotten tomatoes or sandles on my work

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