Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 9


Hello guys lets not bore you today and get straight to the episode sorry for any typos…

Recap: Tanvi Entry and Rivanyas intimacy

Ritik: So you forgive me

Shivanya: Yes I do

Shesha in form of snake sees this and fumes she then leaves the building
Thinking how to kill shivanya.

Ritik then helps shivany put her pallu on properly and opens door again.

Ritik: Sorry tanvi I …..

Tanvi: its okay…. I just came to say that the function is over and people are leaving we should leave also.

Just then she sees Shivanya behind Ritik and says

Tanvi: Ritik What is she doing with you

Ritik: Actually she didn’t know where toilet was so I acme to show her.

Tanvi: Well you arnt married yet so maintain a distance

Tanvi then fumes in anger and leaves Ritik and Shivanya leave for there homes in there cars and now every one is home. Yamini later that night calls Tapasya and Shivanya to Raheja Villa ( Ritiks house ) Tapasya asks shivanya to get ready as they are going to ritiks house. Shivanya gets ready and both leave for ritiks house. They arrive and then Angad is seen watching TV. He welcomes them in and calls yamini. Yamini comes and makes Tapasya and Shivanya sit on Couch. Ritik is walking by and he sees shivanyam He smiles and sits next to her.

Tapasya: What happened Yamini why did you call us?

Yamini: Actually I need to ask you something very important about the wedding.

Tapasya: yes ask

Yamini: I talked to pandit ji and he said there only two shub mohurats ( good marriage dates) this season (season=4months) and one is after 2 days the next is after 3 months so which date should we do the wedding?

Ritik then stands up and instantly says

Ritik: After two days……

And everyone starts laughing and Shivanya blushes

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya have some close moments

Guys I know this is a boring episode but next will be very nice and the drama and problems will start after the marriage but before it will just be pure nok jhok and cute romance.

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Credit to: Tina ji

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