Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 8


Hey guys thnx 4 all your love and support for this series it means a lot to me. I would Also like to request Siddhi or RS or anyone on tellyupdates to Write another Rivanya OS please pls pls pls

Recap: Rivanya Engagement part 1

And now they were engaged people were talking and singing but they were lost in each others eyes seeing the joy and happiness they had in there eyes to know that no they were confirmed to get married to each other. They were in a deep eyelock when Yamini said

Yamini: Oh hello you arnt married yet only engaged

Then Ritik mumbled

Ritik: I know I m engaged…..I mean let’s start the function!

Then again the Function started and trained dancers had come to perform for the Engagement. Just then Mr. and Mrs. Mathur came with there daughter Tanvi. Tanvi had loved ritik since the age if five to the age of 19 when she had to move to new York and returned after years today. Ankush welcomed them in they saw the great function and asked

Mr. Mathur : Whats happening

Tanvi: yeah uncle what’s happening I mean the while function

Ankush:: Actually you came here just in time come with me

Ankush took them to Ritik and Shivanya who were sitting holding hands

Ritik: hey tanvi you…here…when did you arrive

Tanvi: Arey rittu you first tell me what’s going on

Ritik: Don’t call me Rittu..

Tanvi: I can call you what I like…

Tanvi then sees Ritik and Shivanya Holding hands and is about yo say something when ritik says

Ritik: By the way this is Shivanya my wife-to-be we just got engaged

Tanvi: What!?!…….. I mean I am very happy for you

She then tries to hug ritik but ritik says

Ritik: no more now only shivanya has that right.

Shivanya blushes and tanvi fumes and goes away. Then Shivanya sits down and says

Shivanya: Ritik ….. I need to use the toilet…now

Ritik: okay come I’ll show you where it is

Ritik then shows Shivanya where toilet is. The toilet is in a very empty room which only has a bulb and window. Shivanya goes in thee toilet and locks the door. Then it starts to rain outside. Ritik sees this through the window and smiles. Shivanya comes out the toilet and then there is thunder Shivanya hears the thunder and gets scared she runs and hugs ritik tightly. Ritik hugs her back and smiles. He then pins her against the wall and whispers to her

Ritik: Do you trust me…….

Shivanya: I do…

Ritik then kisses her cheek she smiles and closes her eyes feeling Hus touch. He then starts kissing her whole face except the lips he starts kissing her neck. She moans his name he cokes andbstares into her eyes she too stares back and they are about to kiss on the lips when they hear the door knock. Both come back to there senses and open the door. Itvwas Tanvi. She said

Tanvi: how long do you take to open a door…..

Ritik: Can you give me one minute….

He then closes the door and goes to shivanya and says

Ritik: I am very sorry I dont know what happened to m

Shivanya: its okay neither of us were in their senses

Shivanya blushes

Ritik: so you forgive me

Shivanya: yes

Shesha sees all this and fumes

Guys pls comment if u want me to continue

Credit to: Tina ji

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