Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 7

Hi guys thnx soo much for your comments iteans a lot to me and I would just like to say to Siddhi and RS that I love your work and pls update your ff’s soon also I would like to tell you that jaggu from the last episode is not a permenant character in this series he was only in the last episode (episode 6) and will not be in any other episode

Recap: Rivanya in restaurant Jaggu drinks poisened drink but survives

Shivanya came out her room dressed in a beautiful sky blue dress she was looking like a princess with her hair open she walked down the stairs amazed that finally it was Saturday. Her engagement Day. There was only One hour left till the ceremony at the great venue. Ritik is then shown in his house wearing a very stylish Sky blue Tuxedo with a White shirt a Sky blue blazer and Tie and trousers. He was looking like a prince charming he also had a little skyblue flower in his front chest pocket. He as sitting in his car staring at her picture. Not believing he was going on his engagement ceremony with her.

At last he arrived at the venue he stepped inside his eyes still searching for Shivanya. He was standing at the doors if the venue to his right was Ankush wearing a Black and White tuxedo and to his left was Angad also wearing a black and white tuxedo. He walked in the venue he looked left and saw Yamini Amrita and Divya all wearing yellow saree’s. He heard a car stop he turned around and saw a buetifully decorated car. From the front seats if the Car Rudhera stepped out wearing A back and White tuxedo. Rudhra then went and signalled Ritik with his eyes to open the next door. He nodded in yes and opened the door in the car it was non other than Shivanya. He looked at her beauty and she at his both shared an eyelock. angad saw this and clicked his fingers to make them come out of that trance. Ritik than took Shivanya hand and walked into the Venue. Everyone Saw them coming and clapped. Ritik then whispered to Shivanya

Ritik: You are looking beautiful today…like always

Shivanya: Thank you you too are looking Handsome

Both look into each others eyes as they GI and sit on there respected seats. The function begins anD there is loud music. Ritik then takes out the skyblue flower from his pocjet and inserts it into Shivanya hair. Shivanya touches the flower and looks at him. Then there mums come and make them stand they exchange rings and now they are engaged

Precap: Rivanya moments, Rivanya Romance and Shesha’s Jealousy

Guys I will not continue if I do not get any comments. I want your comments good and bad pls continue supporting the Eternal Bond Series. I will upload next Episode on Saturday-Sunday Thanx for reading

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