Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 6

Hi again guys thanks for your love sorry if last episode was confusing if you guys want me to do a re-do I will but that depends in how many people ask me to. I would also like to thank Supriya, Siddhi , RS for their lovely updates but Shreyaa can you pls continue your updates.

Recap: Rivanya shopping Shesha tries to bite Shivanya but can’t as she has a mark/ Tattoo on her wrist. Rivanya finish shopping and go to restaurant

Shesha comes as waiter and serves poisoned cold drink to Shivanya .

Shivanya: Ritik there is only 1 drink

Ritik: I know

Shivanya : But….

Ritik: There is on drink and 2 straws we will share

Shivanya blushes and looks away. Ritik brings his chair closer to shivanyas . And puts one more Straw in drink . Shivanya smiles Ritik also smiles both then look at each other and share an eyelock. Just then Angad and his friend come.

Ritik: arey Angad you here I thought you were shopping…

Angad: I thought you were shopping also …

Rivanya Blush

Angad: by the way this is my friend Jaggu

Jaggu: Hi……I m very thirsty can I have your drink if you don’t mind?

Ritik: Actually N..

Shivanya: Yes you can

Ritik looks at shivanya with a annoyed look and shivanya smiles at him he then also smiles back. Jaggu picks up the cold drink and drinks it. Suddenly he falls down.Rivanya and angad see him and rush to hospital they admit him in ICU . Later The doctor comes out and says

Doctor: Your friend is fine now it was just food poisoning

Ritik: What food poisoning…

Ritik then goes and hugs shivanya tightly and says

Ritik: Thank God you didn’t drink it Shivanya

Angad then teases ritik and then ritik let’s go of shivanya Ritik gets a call saying Ankush, Divya, and amrita went home Shivanya gets a text from saying Priyanka and Rudhera are home. Ritik says to Shivanya

Ritik: Can you drop Me home ( smiling )

Angad : Its OK I have my car

Ritik looks at angad and whispers to him
Ritik: Angad Teri asi ki tesi

Angad Shivanya and Ritik leave for home. Ritik and angad are in one car and shivanya in the other both leave for their homes. Then Shesha is seen and says.

Shesha: Why you girl……I will kill but why do you have that mark on your wrist….Mark or no mark I will still kill you…

Precap: Rivanya Engagement

Guys comment if you want me continue…..

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