Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 5

Hey guys and thank you RS for that lovely episode of There Sang Pyaar Mein update Soon And Siddhi pls writevone more Is And shreyaa please continue your ff’s

Recap: Rivanya arrive at mall

Rivanya then walk in and ankush angad divya and amrita were there waiting for him ritik tells why he was late and introduce everyone then rudhra priyanka angad ankush amrita and divya go shopping for dresses and rivanya go to jewellery shop ritik tchooses a ring for shivanya and asks her to wear it she also asks ritik to wear ring so she can know size they do thus with lots if things For two hours they are at the checkout / about to pay when shesha comes she tries to bite shivanya but can’t she then sees a Mark/ Tattoo on shivanyas wrist glowing and thinks

Shesha: No it can’t be…….

Then when Rivanya finish buying jewellery they go to restaurant ritik pulls chair out for shivanya. Shivanya sits on chair tgen ritik drags his chair near shivanyas. This makes Shivanya smile seeing shivanya smile ritik smile. Ritik then calls waiter and asks for menu waiter gives ritik the menu he asks Shivanya

Ritik: What do you like to eat

Shivanya: Do you like Biryani?

Ritik: No not really

Shivanya: oh I like rice

Ritik: oh ….. Then I m also interested

He then orders biryani for both of them and one cold drink the waiters bring the food then shesha comes as waiter and gives poisoned cold drink to shivanya….

Precap: Ritik rushing to hospital in his car

Guys comment or I will not continue this ff I want all your feed back and comments
Thanx for reading

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  1. Write your ff’s longer. But it’s very good

    1. Thnx shreyaa

  2. Siddhi

    Very nice episode pls continue.

    1. Thnx siddhi

  3. GOOD!!!! Tina. plz update it soon

    1. Thnx laraib

  4. Awesome

    1. Thnx crazy girl

  5. Hello friends
    Naagin Tamil version is going to be telecasted in sun TV soon
    Don’t miss 2 watch

  6. ShinyGeorge

    Hello friends
    Naagin Tamil version is going to be telecasted in sun TV soon
    Don’t miss 2 watch

  7. When? I want to see that
    Please tell me

  8. Awesome plzzz update tere sang pyaar main soon

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