Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 4

Hi again guys and RS please update your there sang pyaar mein ff daily and Siddhi please please please write one more OS

Recap: Rivanya Leave to go for shopping

Ritik is in his car he is sitting with his driver angad amrita and divya are in another car with ankush then the driver stops his car on the traffic light . And next to him a car stops he sees shivanaya in the car he gets out of his car (without telling driver , driver doesnt know ritik is not in car) Ritik walks towards shivanyas window shivanya sees hin and lowers her window then ritik says

Ritik: Shivanya hi

Shivanya: You here hello

Then Priyanka ( who is sitting next to Shivanya)

Priyanka: Oh hello stop flirting my sister…she is about to get engaged

Ritik: I know but I was just saying hi

Priyanka: No need to get fresh with me OK or I will…..

Ritik: But u have full right to talk to her

Shivanya starts laughing and says to ritik

Shivanya: The Traffic light went green and …..(laughing)

Ritik smiled seeing her laugh

Shivanya: your driver left you….

Ritik smiled and then realised what shivanya said he then moaned

Ritik: oh no ….idiot… that driver blind

Shivanya then says

Shivanya: Come sit in my car I will drop you

Priyanka: but we can’t just invite a stranger into our car…

Ritik: My self ritik raheja shivanyas fiancè ….

Priyanka then apologises as she didn’t know who ritik was

Ritik then sits close to shivanya so now towards the left door there is priyanka in the middle there is shivanya and towards the right door there is ritik. Ritik then holds shivanyas hand shivanya looks at him they both share an eyelock and hold each others hand tightly. Soon they arrive at the mall ritik and shivanya look at each other and they are still holding hands.
Just then a black snake slither by and turns into shesha shesha fumes seeing them together in the parking area she then thinks

Shesha: Who ever you are I will kill you…..

Precap: Shesha tries to kill shivanya. Will shivanya die is not ? Keep reading Naagin Eternal Bond to find out….

Guys please comment if you want me to continue and RS old update there sang pyaar mein daily and Siddhi please Write one more Rivanya OS thanx for reading…..

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    Very nice episode tina

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      My ff name are supernatural series (naagin, kasam tere pyar ki, Vishkanya, tei and ikrs),naagin-love forever season 2 and many more

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