Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 3


Guys the series will now permenantely be called Eternal Bond on Siddi’s request and I also have a request for RS . my request is please update you ‘ There Sang Pyaar Mein ‘ series daily please it is an request.

Recap: Rivanya cute moments and shesha entry

Shesha then slithers away and then shivanyas house is shown we then see tapsya calling yamini

Tapasya: Hello Yamini

Yamini: hello yes Tapasya speak

Tapasya: I just needed to ask when will we do the engagement

Yamini : Let’s have it on Saturday

Tapsya: But today is Thursday ? So soon

Yamini: well actuallyvmy son is impatient so Saturday will be fine

Ritik is walking by and hears this conversation he then blushes and leaves

Tapsya: OK Saturday will be fine Bye

Yamini: Bye

And they end the call . just then Rudhra and priyanka enter Rudhera says

Rudhera: hi mum

Tapasya: Where were you I havnt seen you all day

Priyanka : actually our car broke down and our phones were dead so we had to get it repaired

Rudhera: oh I just remembered Yamini aunty and her son were gonna come with a proposal for do

Priyanka: I don’t think yamini aunty came

Tapasya : They did come and on Saturaday it is Shivanya’s engagement go and tell her and take her shopping

Priyanka: What di is going to get engaged on Saturday

Rudhera: Come choti let’s go and take her shopping

Priyanka: Don’t call me chotu

They both leave and go to shivanyas room they tease shivanya and shivanya blushes then they go shopping

Raheja house

Yamini is looking for ankush she tells him everything and ankush is very happy he says

Ankush : today I will take my son shopping today

Ankush tells divya angad and amrita about engagement and they all are happy they go to ritik and taunt him then say

Divya: bhai now get ready to go shopping

Ritik OK you all go I am coming

They all leave the room then from under his pillow ritik takes out shivanyas pic and says

Ritik: I love you and soon you will be mine

In shivanyas house shivanya takes out ritiks pic from her cupboard and says

Shivanya: I love you and soon I will be yours

Both hug each others pic and go shopping

Precap: Shesha to create trouble for rivanya

Guys I want you feed back and I wants lots of comments or I will end this ff if I don’t get enough comments I will end this ff

Credit to: Tina ji

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