Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 2


Hi again guys sorry I named the last episode Enchanted bond instead of the original name Eternal Bond tell me in the comments below what I should permenantly call the series enchanted bond or eternal bond.

Recap: Rivanya agree to marry

Ritik went towards the direction Shivanya went

He soon found a double-doored room one of the doors was open so he stepped inside he saw a bathroom and thought

Ritik: its so hot and I just came from work I think I should quickly have a shower

Ritik then goes in the bathroom and locks it Just then shivanya enters and says

Shivanya: Finally my room…my room ,my space, my rules

Then she goes towards the dressing area near her cupboard (guys its the same room they have in naagin for rivanya) she closes the curtain and removes her dress. She is only wearing a black and see-through (net made) gown from her shoulders to her mid thighs and her under garments under that. While in the bathroom ritik tries to turn the tap onn but it didn’t work so he thought he will have bath when he gets home. He then walks towards the door but he slips he was about to fall but he holds the clothes hook and saves him self but accidentally his clothes, which were on the clothes hook fall in the sink and get wet. So he wraps a towel around his legs and opens the door of the bathroom. Shivanya is still deciding on what to wear standing in front of the cupboard still in her gown she turns to see a mans back towards her. She screams and the man she saw was ritik ritik turns and sees her and is panicking he puts his hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming. Ritik says

Ritik: its me ritik…..

Shivanya instantly hides behind curtain and says softly

Shivanya: AAp……what are…y…o…u doing in …m…y ….. room

Ritik instantly says

Ritik: its not what you think I came to get fresh and have a shower i promise I didn’t know it was your room. But when I went in the toilet the tap was not working and my clothes got wet so I came out in towel….

Shivanya who was still behind curtain says

Shivanya: OK you go back in the toilet while I get dressed then we will do something about your clothes.

Ritik: OK

Then ritik starts walking back into the toilet after a few minutes he says from inside the toilet

Ritik: Finished?

Shivanya: Just one more minute……OK done

Ritik then again comes out and says

Ritik: I am honestly very sorr

Shivanya interferes him and says

Shivanya: Its OK I believe you

Ritik smiles and then says

Ritik: But what about my clothes

Just then the hear a knocking on the door. Both there mums were on the other side. Ritik and shivanya could hear them saying

Tapasya: are you OK

Yamini: yes are you OK we heard a scream.

Ritik and shivanya looked at each other then the door then each other again…then shivanya put took ritiks clothes from his hands and put them under the bed

Ritik what are you doing those are my clothes whatbwill I wear?

Shiavnya: quickly wrap the blanket around you!

Ritik : why?

Shivanya : just do as I say and don’t say anything let me do the talking

Ritik nodded in a yes and shivanya went and in locked the door

Shivanya: Yes aunty…Yes Mum

Tapasya: beta we heard a scream so we came here to see if you were OK

Both the aunties then step inside the room and look at ritik and are cinfused .

Yamini: Ritik you here in a locked room with a blanket around you with shivanya

Ritik gave innocent looks to shivanya signalling her to help him

Shivanya: well actually he was feeling cold so I told him to wrap himself with a blanket

Yamini: oh ….. But ritik didn’t you come to use the toilets?

Shivanya: he did

Yamini: okay now ritik cone we should leave now

Ritik: but how can I leave like this?

Yamini: What do you mean like this?

Ritik: woh….. Actually …… I wanted to talk to shivanya before marriage PRIVATLEY

Yamini: Oh okay

Tapasya: OK yamini you come with me let the two kids talk….kids once you have finished talking come to the main hall

Both ritik and shivanya nods in a yes…than tapasya and yamini leave closing the door behind them

After a few minutes of silence ritik and shivanya start laughing madly and while laughing ritik goes and holds shivanyas hand and says

Ritik: very clever…very clever …. Amazing

Shivanya places her other hand on his and says

Shivanya: you too great excuse to make them leave …..

Both laugh and after a few minutes ritik says

Ritik : but my clothes

Shiavnya: don’t worry I have a iron and a hairdryer

Shivanya then uses iron and dryer to dry ritiks clothes ritik goes in toilet and wears his clothes..after a few minutes he comes out fully dressed and says

Ritik: thanks

Shivanya: mention not

Ritk: so now we are. Friends

Shivanya: definatley

They bothvleave the room and go to the hall after half hour ritik and yamini leave.

Then a black snake is seen slithering it turns into human and says

Shesha: Ritik now all my responsibilities are over and now I can finally have you I am coming ritik its me your shesha I love you and I will have you at any cost….

Precap: Rivanya Engagement preparation s

Guys I want your feedback or I will not continue this ff please comment below

Credit to: Tina ji

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