Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 13

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Recap: Tanvi plans to kill Shivanya Kabirs Entry

Ritik got ready in his room and sat on the bed. He closed his eyes and saw Shivanya he smiled. Just then Yamini came into Ritik’s room and said to Ritik

Yamini: Wake up Ritik…… Stop day dreaming Shivanya is downstairs waiting for you ……

Ritik: What? She is here

Yamini: Yes and also remember Kabir…Kabir your cousin he also returned from New York today but he won’t be able to be in tour sangeet as he has to go to a important meeting.

Ritik: okay…now quickly let’s go…Shivanya is waiting

Ritik goes downstairs and sits opposite Shivanya he winks at her and both have a conversation with their eyes.

Then Shesha is shown… Shesha is sitting on rock when she says

Shesha: oh no….Shivanya has that mark on her wrist but I shall kill her….but how……I know…..I will do yagya and do the mailikum pooja after which I will gain lots more power then I will kill her..hahahahaha

Shesha then leaves to do yagya….in the Raheja House The sangeet ceremony is still happening then the host says

Host: And before we finish the sangeet let’s have our wedding couple on the dance floor!…

Rivanya then danced sensuously on the song Soch na sake……

Tanvi sees this and fumes……

Precap: Not decided yet

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