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Naagin Eternal Bond Episode 12


Boy: Namaste aunty…….Remember me….

Yamini: Mmm……Kabir beta is that you……

Kabir: Yes aunty….its me..

Yamini: You came just in time….

Yamini tells kabir about wedding and all ( Guys labor is featured in the prommo he is a flirty viven type of personality he has no parents and he is single)

Kabir: I came in perfect time…..

Yamini: Yes the sangeet is in Two hours

Ritik and shivanya are getting ready in their house….Ritik gets ready and talks to himself in the mirror…..he keeps saying to himself in mirror

Ritik: I love you Shivanya……I love you Shivanya…..

Tanvi sees thus and rushes to her room….

Tanvi: I won’t let this girl snatch my ritik from me…… I will get her kidnapped and kill her….yes that’s perfect….than ritik will be only mine….

Precap: Rivanya sangeet

Credit to: Tina ji

  1. Guys sorry for the short update and pls comment if u want me to continue

  2. Yes we want you to continue you should write it a little longer

    1. Thanx for being loyal

  3. pls ignore the typos and I accidentally wrote labor instead of Kabir

  4. Siddhi

    Good episode Tina

    1. Thanx Siddhi

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